4 thoughts on “Adam Kokesh Cancels D.C. March, Suggests Marches On State Capitols

  1. Aww….poor little Koko-Nut decided to cancel the march onto Washington D.C. So is marching to the state capitals and giving up your guns and surrendering any better? He’s obviously still missing the point.

    1. Perhaps all the articles exposing him as controlled opposition had something to do with this. He was shown to work for Obama, his “arrest” was rightly seen as the stunt it was. And he was outed as the loud, posing, jewboy Rambo wannabe that he is. His march was so obviously a false flag, even Alex Jones disavowed it. Not that AJ has any credibility…hahaha. I suspect after whatever harm Adam does to patriots, he will be on a jet headed to Tel Aviv with daddy seeking asylum.

  2. Another Zioturd that lost it’s shine. Somebody will get out the can of NeverDull & polish up another.

  3. The shill has been exposed and will now commence to fading away. Thank you From the Trenches for playing a part in this.

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