Adam Kokesh is a Political Prisoner

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The establishment has made no secret of the fact that they are not very impressed with Adam Kokesh’s planned Open Carry March on Washington DC this coming July 4.

But yesterday the situation devolved to a new low when Kokesh was arrested for….doing nothing.

The controversial talk-radio host of Adam Vs. the Man has been made a political prisoner.  

A “political prisoner” is defined as:

A person who has been imprisoned for holding or advocating dissenting political views.



Regardless of your personal beliefs on whether marijuana should be legalized, if you believe that freedom of speech is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, what happened at the May 18 “Smoke Down Prohibition” event in Philadelphia is a clear-cut violation of Kokesh’s rights.  While other people there were actually breaking the law and smoking in an act of civil disobedience, Kokesh was not – he was simply speaking.

Adam Kokesh is being charged with resisting arrest…Check out the video – all I see is a man with his hands up (and no marijuana in those hands either).  You don’t have to be an expert on the law to see that he went with the officers peacefully.

Does this mean that only popular opinions are protected by the Constitution?  Does this mean that the Constitution is no longer in effect for those who disagree with the current laws?  Or is this something more sinister? Perhaps an attempt to prevent Kokesh’s planned march on July 4 for occurring?

According to his Facebook page, which is being updated by friends, Adam Kokesh is being held in a federal jail until he can appear before a judge on Monday.  And things may get worse for him – watch the first 40 seconds of this video – it is the same as the video above, but a closer shot – do you see someone’s hand at Adam’s waist?  Are they planting “evidence”?  Don’t be surprised if you hear he had all manner of illegal substances in his possession – think critically because the information will be presented in the mainstream to paint the picture that the PTB want you to see, and this picture will very likely be at odds with the truth.

Activism is getting a lot more dangerous. Expect to see an example made out of Adam Kokesh.  The Powers That Be would like to quell the Open Carry March before it happens and locking up the driving force for that protest is a clear cut way to do so.  If we allow this to happen by doing nothing, then we are just as bad as the police who are “just following orders” who arrested him without cause and just as bad as the system that is charging him with resisting arrest despite video evidence that he did no such thing. Doing absolutely nothing is as dangerous an attack on freedom as the attacks being made by the government itself.

As a strategic move by the government, this one is a little better thought out than others because of the nature of the protest.  Many conservatives that would be behind a demonstration for the Second Amendment might be offended by a demonstration in which the protesters smoke pot.  You have to see through that to what this really is.  It has absolutely nothing to do with the use of marijuana other than as a way to present Adam Kokesh as distasteful to those who have more conservative values.  This is an effort to publicly silence those who resist and an attempt to make an example out of Kokesh to deter others from resisting.

So, what can you do about this?

  • Share information.  The power of social media is an incredible thing.  Use email, Twitter, Facebook, and any other platform that you have to help you share this information with others.
  • If you use Facebook, “like” Adam Kokesh’s page – it is being frequently updated by his supporters.  They are publishing pertinent phone numbers and giving suggestions for activism.
  • Don’t let actions like this silence you.  The entire purpose of this is to make people afraid to speak out against the government.  But they can’t silence all of us.  You can allow this to frighten you into submission or you can allow it to motivate you into resistance.

The Powers That Be have taken a gamble with this arrest. The results could go one of two ways. They know that those who love freedom are basically good, moral people.  None of us wants to be arrested or disappeared into the depths of a federal detainment facility.  They’re counting on that to keep us quiet.  Alternatively, this might just cause a groundswell of resistance.

Make their gamble backfire.  Help resistance to grow exponentially by sharing information about this unconstitutional act.  Keep in mind that this has trampled on the right to free speech, the right to peaceful assembly, and possibly, the right to due process.  Adam Kokesh is being held as a political prisoner to teach us all a lesson and to enforce their desire that we all be peaceful sheep to be herded along.  If Adam Kokesh can be arrested for doing nothing more than disagreeing with the establishment, then so can you.

Think about the many outrages against personal freedoms in past years: big things like the Presidential and Congressional assaults on the Bill of Rights, Big Brother style surveillance, and the NDAA, down to simple things like people having their vegetable gardens forcibly ripped out of their front yards or going to jail for having the audacity to harvest and use rainwater.

This is NOT about the legalization of marijuana. This is about something we can all get behind – the legalization of freedom.

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16 thoughts on “Adam Kokesh is a Political Prisoner

  1. A political prisoner?? Or get my name out to the forefront before my judas goat march into DC?? Seems like folks like AJ, and Adam are all about being the leaders-yah, they’ll lead you right into the slaughter and RUN the other way. Just like AJ likes to claim he’s the “tip of the sword”, these guys want the glory, while those like “From the Trenches”, have the guts to wage a true battle for our freedom. I’ll take all the “Trenches” guys in my fox hole ANY day before following either of those 2 shills to H–L!!

    1. Didn’t take Paula long to nail this shill. Note “freeadamkokesh” site was created 5/12, days before his arrest. I also dig the fact that he is groomed and in a suit. Marketing….

  2. Oh good Lord Organic Prepper. Obviously, prepping isn’t the only “organic” you indulge in. You seem borderline hysterical about poor Adams’ predicament. He’s just another jewish shill. Or Controlled Opposition if you will. He is tasked with leading the gullible goy into foolhardy behavior. Is that redundant? Anyway, He’s a strutting, foul-mouthed wannabe. Ten minutes of research will confirm he’s NOT what he pretends to be. Frankly, for him to show up at an event like this and succeed in being the only(?) person arrested, strikes me as a non-violent false flag. Merely a staged event for the gullible. This gives him “credibility” in the eyes of some people. Anyone taken in by this egotistical shill has, in my opinion. overindulged…um…organically. Focus on something relavent to our country and forget that ass-clown.

    1. He(adam) will mysteriously die while in custody……but years later someone will take a picture of him wandering the streets of jerusalem!. this guy kokesh is and infiltrator and a protagonist of the liberty movement. so that some 3 letter gov agency can continue adding the names of people to its secret/stazi list.

  3. Mr. Kokesh may be a political prisoner, and maybe he has his heart in the right place, But …..
    1. Just what will he accomplish from jail ?
    2. How could a felony weapons charge help him, or anyone else,
    help the cause ? If it were to come to that.
    This just opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms and distractions.
    And takes good people and material, out of the fight.
    Home raids, confiscations of personal property, etc., etc.
    It appears to me that he, and others who’ll follow him, will fall right into a trap, laid to isolate them FROM being an effective fighter for freedom.
    Being in a cell, is not a good place to be, plain and simple.
    Yes, I understand the “lone voice crying in the wilderness”.
    But remember, the enemies plan, laid out by the Alinskey model ?
    ISOLATE, marginalize, then conquer.
    One can waive his fists, and jump up and down, all he wants in a jail cell,
    and our enemies will just laugh themselves silly.
    May I suggest, that folks continue to sharpen their knives, clean their rifles, and lay in supplies, with one eye. And with the other, keep focused on the enemy, and be ready at a moments notice to repel ALL…..
    Once the “games a foot”
    But these are just my thoughts …what would I know ?
    Now I am going to date myself here, remember the poster in the sixties, with two vultures sitting on the branch of a tree ?
    One saying to the other, “Patience my friend, something will die yet”
    We must remain vigil.
    Yes, I am tired of hearing that too.
    But if that’s what we must do, until the enemy kicks things off, well,
    then that’s our job.
    All the more reason to be bringing in more people,
    helping them to wake up.
    Folks are coming on line every day.
    Good folks who can make a difference.
    Because they bring with them, other folks, skills and opportunities as well. For those who want to do more, get out there and recruit.
    That’s one of the best things that can be done right now,
    besides laying in stores.
    Not going to the hoosegow.
    The enemy WILL slip up, and soon, it appears.
    And when a hell breaks lose, we’ll wish it hadn’t, in some ways…
    and in others we will…and there will be NO going back.
    No second chances, no time outs.
    So we’ve got to get it right, the first time !
    But again, these are just may thoughts, what do I know ?

  4. The elephant in the room is Kokesh’s connections with the group CODE PINK! CODE PINK was front page news under Bush’s administration. I frankly don’t see any difference with this administration. CODE PINK being a far left based group along with the Cindy Sheehan case. This is a complete set~up in the hopes you’ll play the “game!”

  5. OMG! This is such a setup and a joke. It’s not even funny. Just look at how the one cop has his hands feeling up the back of Kokesh as though he was planting something in his back or rubbing some powder or maybe even some marijuana scent on him.

    Then after he let’s his hand go, all of a sudden the cop who was still completely restraining Kokesh just decides to jump and do a bear hug on Kokesh for no reason as though he was trying to pretend that Kokesh slipped out of his hands and hoped that everyone would see it.

    Hence the ridiculous resisting arrest charge.

    The probable police report/story would go like this, “We arrested Kokesh because we had probable cause because there was a marijuana smell on him” (thanks to the cop rubbing the scent on him) “and he then resisted arrest” (thanks to the cop who decided to purposely loosen up on him for a moment before jumping on him and doing his bear hug act). Does this all sound about right? I think so. And it’s so absolutely pathetic that of course this is how they may have probably planned it.

    I guess they never thought someone would be having a video camera from behind. I’m surprised this video is not taken down. This is pure proof of a setup. These dumb cop fools always find a way of slipping up and making themselve look more stupid than before. No brains. What do you expect.

  6. One other thing, I’m almost positive these guys arresting Kokesh are not real cops or even real security guards. They have to be paid actors dressed in uniform because they are so bad at acting that they make Sandy Hook’s Robbie Parker look good.

    As stupid as cops are these days, I don’t even think they would being so blatantly obvious in getting caught in the act like this and continue to allow it to be uploaded unless this act was staged, which we all know it clearly was.

    1. Aw hell NC, I just think that those cops that did this bogus so called arrest just wanted to frisk him because he turned those perverted cops on with his wiggle when he walked. LOL. Heck, I bet that when these cops went home after there shift was done that they were thinking more of that Kokesh guy than they did of their wifes. hehehe, would be just like a cop to think that way I would think as to how them cops portray themselves.

  7. It wouldn’t surprise me if we come to find out that Adam Kokesh hired “Rent a Cops” and the videographer to stage this for all to see. As far as I’m concerned, Adam Kokesh is a media whore trying to put himself in the spotlight of significance and he found a way out of his “retarded” open carry march on Washington.

    1. Haha, “retarded”. That’s truly an understatement for Kokesh.

      But seriously, you still may be right, Millard. Maybe he was trying to find a way to get out of the D.C. march.

      I guess he didn’t think he had what it took to be the next George Washington. lol

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