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ADL Desperate “Gamer” Propaganda

Published on Nov 27, 2017

Let’s be clear, the ADL has no interest in real debate or facts. This is evident in this video — the Internet has allowed people to see through their lies and deception. Therefore, a strategy (a desperate one we might add) is to focus their brainwashing/propaganda on the youth with games.

Let’s be clear about another thing too as we are sure the ADL will see this post. We do not advocate for random hate or violence, but we advocate for freedom of speech and the truth. This truth you suppress by labeling organizations like us “Anti-Semitic” — well, that trope has worn quite worn thin. The Goyim know.

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2 Responses to ADL Desperate “Gamer” Propaganda

  1. JGO says:

    ADL and SPLC are hardcore JEW spewing verbal diarrhea businesses. Their only goal is to divide and conquer. They care nothing about anyone other then their tactics.

  2. TN says:

    I think I’m going to throw up!!!

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