ADL launches online tracker to monitor antisemitism in the US

Jerusalem Post

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) recently released a survey showing an increase in antisemitic violence, hate crimes and negative stereotypes about Jews in the United States.

Following the report, the ADL decided to launch an online tracker to provide a compiled and updated list of antisemitic incidents in the country. The tracker allows users to have access to the most recent information available on acts of hate against Jews, including vandalism, harassment and assault. Users will also be able to filter incidents by geographic location and search with key words. 

In order to compile antisemitic incidents, the ADL uses different sources of information such as media and police reports, the ADL response forms, as well as incidents reported directly to any of the ADL’s 25 regional offices across the US.

Some incidents are transferred to the ADL’s H.E.A.T. Map, which provides statistics on antisemitism, extremism and terrorism in the United States. “The data ultimately is compiled into the ADL’s annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents, which provides a more thorough analysis into the annual incident data and the trends it reveals,” the ADL wrote in a press release.

“We are making all of our available data on antisemitic incidents available in as close to real time as possible so that anyone can, at a glance, see the activity taking place around the country and in localities nearby,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, the ADL’s CEO.

“With antisemitic incidents becoming more prevalent nationwide, it is essential that we provide immediate and reliable data to the public. This tool will enable to the public to see that we are aware of and tracking antisemitic incidents. We urge members of the public to notify us immediately if something has happened that has not yet been reported,” he added.

9 thoughts on “ADL launches online tracker to monitor antisemitism in the US

  1. “…..With antisemitic incidents becoming more prevalent nationwide, it is essential that we provide immediate and reliable data to the public…..”

    Throughout history, just like today, there’s never a question as to WHY antisemitic incidents might be becoming more prevalent nationwide; only more reinforcement of their “innocent victim” status.

    No one needs your “immediate and reliable data”, now that they have sources of information that aren’t under Zionist control. Your scams and schemes have been exposed, and I’m going to guess that the “antisemitic incidents” have only just begun.

    It has nothing to do with “antisemitism”. People don’t like being robbed of everything they own by people who are also trying their best to kill them, regardless of whether or not they’re Jewish.

    1. Exactly. All the walking contradictions (wc) are doing is pissing everyone else off even more. No wonder they can’t do the math (800 gentile slaves per wc…the wc would need 16 billion folks to make that happen!)

  2. So if I say ‘jews’ are scumbags. Or too bad any survived wwii . I make it on the tracker? Well blow up the tracker.

    1. Read most of this Mary, really interesting stuff. Incredible really when you think about it, all these years and still the lie is prevalent. If you really think on it, it would have been an impossibility to gas as many as lied about without more proof. Will Rush Limbaugh talk about this article on his show? LMAO!!!

  3. Wow, powerful stuff Mary… You can see why they are trying to make it a crime to even question any of this, great links and good source. (soon to be scrubbed from the net no doubt)

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