Air Dams and the Klamath Basin Water Crisis


The above photo is a satellite NOAA photo capture for Sunday, June 30, 2013. Notice the rope-like spray lines off the central California coast. If you run the NW 4K visible satellite animation here:

You will see that they have established an air dam which is very effectively preventing monsoonal moisture from reaching the central valley of California and potentially coming up to Klamath County, Oregon in the form of summer thunderstorms. Watch how the approaching monsoonal system veers off when hitting the introduced hatch lines and begins to head north like it just hit a wall. Similar to placing a dam across flowing water, they are placing spray lines in the upper atmosphere which prevents the Pacific frontal systems from moving onshore. It is postulated that the spray lines act like mini high pressure areas which can be then used to direct low pressure instabilities. My friends, this is high school physics and pathetically easy to accomplish with upper altitude aerosoling.

We will NEVER resolve the Klamath Basin Water Crisis until the adverse objectives of geo-engineering are called out!


Problem: Deepening drought in Klamath County (artificially created)
Reaction: People continue to fight over diminishing water supplies
Solution: The feds graciously step in and take control of water allocations – permanently

Divide and conquer and the feds take control of Klamath Basin water in light of increasing tensions between all water users. The feds establish a precedent in the PNW and all western US water is now potentially up for control on a federal (FEMA) level. Water is the new oil and witness how many billions of dollars and lives have been thrown at control of oil. Water is the new oil and the stakes of control are extreme.

We need to stop fighting each other while the real culprit is stealing water right over our heads! We need to come together to restore what Creator has given to us and all living things. The land cannot take another year of artificially induced drought through the geo-engineering of Pacific frontal systems!! Please wake up to what is really going on!

Our weather is being 100% controlled.


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5 thoughts on “Air Dams and the Klamath Basin Water Crisis

  1. You are exactly right & Evergreen Air of McMinville, OR is the outfit working for the CIA to salt the air w/ chemicals for w/x control & de-population with air-born poison. Expose them & start screaming at the top of your lungs….It’s all part of HAARP…fight on for Freedom, Liberty & Truth

  2. This website (From the Trenches) is excellent. Few sites are as relevant to the most pressing issues of the day.

    I’ve reposted this with additional information from ( and a link to this article at:

    I believe weather modification is perhaps the most powerful weapon the Globalist possess and yet so many refuse to believe that God is allowing mankind to take the controls of HIs domain.

    It’s aggravating to see so many naive people who can’t make the connection to the prophecies predicting man’s intervention in, and destruction of, nature.

    Thanks for the great work.

  3. Great to finally find out where they are based out of. Im in Corvallis and they use HWY99w as the spray line out here. We never see lines west of us just the very eastern edge of town. It seems they spray on a southern path. Never(very rare) see them going north. making a note and will be asking santa for a air foil interrupter for christ’s mass this year.

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