One thought on “AirForce Texan SS 457 Air Rifle

  1. Big enough to do some damage kids. These are options, just another tool that will do some damage. Those rounds will put a hole in somebody’s head, no doubt about that right?

    One more thing, when the shit lites off, there are no more rules, the Bill of Rights will be in full effect, full jacket ammo as we drop the commies. Nothing will be off the table, felon or not, during war, all bets are off..

    But until then, we have options…

    These other tools I’m showing you all here are just wrenches in the tool box, just alternatives to achieve the end result.

    Like EOTS says we have the right to protect ourselves no matter what the commies say or think, fk them.. But, if your inclined to play by the commies rules, the options are there in the tool box.

    Black powder revolvers, rifles and airguns can take you out. No doubt about it. Until the big kahuna, felons have bigtime options to PROTECT THEMSELVES.

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