‘AK-47’ scrap metal build PART 2: Receiver from scratch

Published on Oct 3, 2014 by The Ammo Channel

PART 2 – In this segment I build the receiver out of thick plate steel by cutting and welding it to shape, drilling holes, then spot heat treating it. The rails were formed by beating with a hammer to fold them over.

The steel is 0.064″ 4130 Annealed (about 1.6mm thick)

Hungarian AK63D Underfolder

More info on this project can be found at

Links to videos in this series:
01 AK Intro & Demilling http://youtu.be/AOT3boiVwUg
02 AK Receiver from scratch http://youtu.be/CjrTKNoQTTg
03 AK Trigger from scratch http://youtu.be/V9SiUm78Gew
04 AK Barrel assembly http://youtu.be/D8YLptEtywQ
05 AK Receiver riveting http://youtu.be/0jQ1nNB4sWE
06 AK Receiver painting http://youtu.be/jtiO3jEJj7Q
07 AK Final assembly http://youtu.be/b4smyatnbPo
08 AK Test Firing (coming soon)

Tools used in this video include.
Reciprocating saw, small – Skill
MIG Welder – Lincoln Power Mig 200
Drill press – Small Craftsman
Hand held drill – Milwaukee
Angle Grinder – Dewalt
Bench grinder – Harbor Freight
Cut off tool pneumatic – Harbor Freight
Die grinder pneumatic – Ingersol Rand
Carbide burrs for die grinder – Grip
Air Compressor – Husky, Home Depot
Hand files
Magic Unicorn

4 thoughts on “‘AK-47’ scrap metal build PART 2: Receiver from scratch

  1. The AK is probably the most rugged & reliable rifle ever designed.

    However, an AR can be designed to be even deadlier, and it uses two of the the most available rounds to be found – and one is NATO. Definitely your best bet as far as the mobile re-supply units are concerned.

  2. You said it correct the first time..”The AK is probably the most rugged & reliable rifle ever designed”. And these days the AK47 can do anything the AR can do, but better. But in a domestic civil war, AR rounds will be everywhere to be found and not so with AK ammo. So you are also correct about that.

    1. Sorry Knight, but all the experts agree, from Jerry Miculek to Chris Costa and Travis Haley, the AR platform is far superior to the AK in every aspect. I happen to agree with them, if anyone knows, they do. Check out their side by side tests on You Tube.

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