Al Sharpton Supports Illegal Aliens Voting in US Elections

There was a protest march in New York City Saturday in opposition to the requirement in 31 states that voters present proof that they are lawful citizens before they vote.  The soviet socialist insurgents are pulling out all stops in trying to put an end to the voter ID laws.  And the super socialist, Al Sharpton, is leading the way in trying to make this an issue of race, as in black against white in comparing the voter ID requirements to the Jim Crow laws, which were segregation in reality.

To say that the requirement to identify oneself is in some way a segregation issue is bullshit.  Here is the truth.  We all know the propagandists lie about numbers routinely.  It is said that there are 11 million illegal aliens presently in the United States.  Again, bullshit.  There are 30 million and the soviet socialists fully intend for as many illegals as possible to cast votes for Barack Obama in 2012.  And as the American people of the American race are united in their opposition to foreign nationals unlawfully and illegally voting in our elections, the soviet socialists are now trying to divide us on this issue, black against white against brown, American against American.

Sharpton is trying to say that 5 million Americans with black skin are going to be denied the right to vote.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  Nobody is going to tell me that if any citizen is determined to vote, he or she will be stopped.  Sharpton and his socialist brethren and sisteren have brought one elderly black lady up over and over again.  This lady has a flaw in her birth certificate in that her first name was omitted.

Well listen up Sharpton, because I want you to hear this plain and clear.  The color of this lady’s skin is completely irrelevant to the situation.  In short, if she were a white woman in the same circumstances, she would be in the same predicament.  She has known about this problem all of her life and apparently has made no effort to correct the birth certificate.  And to take this one example and claim 5 million will be disenfranchised is an outrage.

I’ll tell you something else about ID, Al.  If I, as a middle aged Caucasian, am confronted at something as menial as a traffic stop and cannot produce photo ID my ass is hauled off to jail and I am held until my ID is ascertained.  And I don’t give a shit what you say, it happens every day in every quarter across the nation.

Something else you better know Al.  We the American people of the American race are not going to turn on one another in order to accommodate our common enemy, the elite, of which you are a part of.  We are past caring about the color of one another’s skin as it makes no difference when you are jobless, homeless, and hungry.

Grassroots Occupy protesters, grassroots Tea Party, black, white, brown, yellow, green, we are united against our common enemy the elite, who would see every one of us reduced to slaves.  The soviet socialists and neo-cons alike are playing every card they have left up their sleeves in a last ditch effort to derail the Ron Paul Revolution.

Tell me this, Al Sharpton, as you have been seen as a race manipulator throughout your career, do you think that your new prominent position as a mainstream propagandist for MSNBC has helped your credibility?  We the people will laugh you off like the joke you are and seal the deal with our assertion that foreign nationals from other countries are not going to decide our 2012 election no more than the bank accounts of the elite are.

We are going to have our Republic back under our Constitution and every treasonous soviet socialist and neo-con is going down.  You will not divide our people, you two bit charlatan.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “Al Sharpton Supports Illegal Aliens Voting in US Elections

  1. Al Sharpton is a racist piece of garbage! That is about as nice as I can phrase it. Anyone who listens to anything he says is probably beyond common sense and sound reasoning.

    1. Oh, but they are such a small portion of our populace! Obviously the majority is thoughtful, cognizant, and wise. Otherwise we would find America in great peril. Not to worry…evy’ting be aw’ry!

      1. As the subject of this individual has been raised let me add some words of inspiration to all who frequent this forum:

        Who could possibly be stupid enough to listen to this Sharpton character? Can’t be anybody THAT dumb…right? After “hope and change” and “the transformation of America” leading to the current conditions could ANYONE still be THAT ignorant?


        Besides…we don’t elect anybody anymore anyway so what’s to fear…but…uh…let’s see…oh yeah…I remember now…that would be “fear itself”…was that it? So have no fear of being human livestock….just become the sacred cow…nuthin’ to it but ta do it!

        It’s gonna get really ugly here, boys and girls.

        So I should be concerned about the dysfunctional, inarticulate, and illiterate? People who can’t even read, write, spell, or, therefore, even speak their native language? Who can’t even hang onto a menial job? Who’s hate and resentment overrule prudent self control in the pursuit of diplomatic behavior as a means to survival when I, and countless many like me with amply such developed these skills and disciplines have been shunned as useless human baggage by corporate America more than once because we had morals and principles? When we have, additionally, as injury to insult, been purposely regulated off the entrepreneur’s playing field from every angle?

        Sorry…I leave that to more celestial beings than myself and I couldn’t care less about the stupid and the ignorant when I am doomed to the same ruthless reality as they.

        And that reality is precisely the loss of my country, culture, borders, and way of life based on meritorious performance and socially responsible behavior both of which have been proven worthless by the despicable and amoral acts of the few who have, by virtue of their evil and unconscionable characters come to being not only eagerly willing but also able to steal our means of livelihood and, hence, the roofs over our heads, the clothing from our bodies, and next, our very food from our tables?

        This is beyond disgusting. It is repulsively enough to destroy one’s faith and pride in his own species.

        I would like to add that I now am fortunate enough to have obtained what is considered a “menial” job and I am grateful for it and do it with quiet humility and pride.

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