Alabama police search for suspects after home of Democratic state senator ‘is shot at 23 times’ before dawn

Daily Mail

Alabama police are searching for  suspects who fired 23 bullets at the home of a Democratic state lawmaker before dawn on Wednesday.

Investigators said it is too early to determine a motive for the shooting at the Mobile home of Alabama State Senator Vivian Davis Figures.

A police representative told that it doesn’t appear that the shooting was ‘random.’

No one was at home at the time of the incident and there were no reported injuries, according to WALA-TV.

The incident was reported to police at around 12.53pm on Thursday. has reached out to Figures seeking comment. The 64-year-old has served in the state Senate since 1997, earlier serving on the Mobile City Council.

She entered politics after succeeding her husband, State Senator Michael Figures, who died in 1996.

Figures’ neighbors told WALA-TV that they heard about 5 or 6 shots that woke them up at around 5am on Wednesday.

‘At five o’clock that morning, I heard shots ring out and I laid there for a few seconds, but I didn’t know whether if I jumped up quick, that a bullet or something may come through the window,’ one neighbor told WALA-TV.

‘I looked out of all the windows to see if I could see anybody walking around or driving but I didn’t see nothing.

‘Just heard the shots.’

Neighbors said that Figures has lived on the same street in the Toulminville section of Mobile for more than 40 years.

‘She’s a good neighbor, good neighbor,’ one neighbor said.

‘It’s terrifying! Right in your own backyard or right on your same street.’

In June 2018, Figures’ oldest son, Akil Michael Figures, 38, was shot in the leg in nearby Foley, Alabama.

Police said that Orneal ‘OJ’ McCaskey turned himself in to authorities. Investigators said that McCaskey shot Akil after driving to a home to confront him in a dispute over a female.

Investigators said that Akil was driven in a private vehicle to a hospital.

He is alleged to have given police false information about his identity.

Later that year, Akil was arrested and charged with domestic violence.

He is reported to have an extensive criminal record that includes drug-related arrests as well as traffic offenses.

Akil denied abusing the woman, who had filed for a protective order.

4 thoughts on “Alabama police search for suspects after home of Democratic state senator ‘is shot at 23 times’ before dawn

  1. wasn’t me.. I’m way too far to just run down to Mobile.. and i sure as shit wouldn’t waste valuable precious metal on a house.. if you’re gonna do that.. might as well kick the door in and do it!! they god damm sure don’t mind doing it that way!

  2. Suspects? They actually mean Patriotic Freedom Fighters. 23 rounds is not enough. I know ammunition supplies are low. Please. Do NOT waste them on “sending a message”. Every round needs to count.

  3. I thought this might have been a case of an actual ‘going for the suit,’ and then having the fortress get in the way.


  4. Set up a diversion to draw them out. When they step out poke holes in em and egress. Don’t shoot a house.

    Sounds like the son has some enemies.

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