8 thoughts on “Albert Lea Minnesota -15 clear

      1. Thx Mary

        Not looking forward to donner pass, should be ok, tire chains weigh60 -80 lbs each, 6 required if needed.

    1. supposed to get to 20 here today…12 right now but with all that warm (lol) air pushing through we have 30 mph wind!

      1. Cold is bad enough, mary, but one thing I really love about this place is the rarity of the wind here.

        FAR worse when it’s rushing at you with the speed of a freight train.

      2. 45 now (no wind chill), 48 hi, 37 lo.

        40’s were cold to me when I moved here, but I’ve become acclimated somewhat… now anything above 34 is bearable.

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