ALERT: Fall Blizzard Risks 10-20% US Acres?

Ice Age Farmer

Oct 14, 2019

The early fall blizzard punctuates what has been the worst growing season in American history. Record late plantings imply crops are too immature to make it through this early winter, as the growing seasons shrink on both sides. Up to 10-20% of the US Corn crop is at risk by some estimates, as the USDA numbers/narrative diverge further from reality, tensions are rising, and efforts to hide the truth are escalating. Things are going to get worse before they get better. Prepare.

8 thoughts on “ALERT: Fall Blizzard Risks 10-20% US Acres?

  1. Only 50 % of the potato crop has been harvested here in ND….doubt about the rest

    He is absolutely correct about people needing to start growing their own.

    This was a 3 day blizzard. The winds were ridiculous. I spent most of the weekend shoveling. I didn’t dig my car out until Saturday afternoon when the winds were a calm 26 mph 🙂 today 46 degrees and sun and a good portion of that snow is melted

      1. missing 90s to low 100s temps? YESSSSSSSS !!!!

        missing the friendliest people ever? YESSSSSSS !!!! AND polite !!!!!

        1. The two things I miss most is the weather… and the great places to eat.

          Other than that… I STILL LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

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