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10 Responses to Alex

  1. Katie says:

    Good one!

    • Jolly Roger says:

      Yes, it’s definitely a “good one”, but it’s more important that Alex serves as a good example.

      He’s one of hundreds out there who are constantly shoveling BS, deceiving and distracting, when they’re not trying their best to discredit all of us.

      The US and Israel have hired THOUSANDS of trolls, and they produce A.J.-type nonsense ALL THE TIME. Question everything, believe no one, and do your own research.

      We operate in a world of deceit, and we’re competing against spies who are experts at it. Lies ARE the battlefield in the propaganda war.

  2. galen says:

    Ya know, Dante once said,

    “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of moral conflict remain neutral.”

    A very good saying, in its own right. But I think there may be one hotter place reserved and that would be for Alex. Oh, the road he led many of us down for a lot of years, and how his game was crafted: one of the highest deceits in human history.

    “Arabs run Hollywood.”


  3. Katie says:

    galen, this morning I posted this phrase- “Arabs run Hollywood.” Did this to show AJ’s duplicity to the evasion of the Khazarian plot, then left link to FTT.

  4. NC says:


    “Hollywood is controlled by the Arabs”.

    Classic AJ.

  5. DL. says:

    The whole “Arabs own Hollywood” thing—that is what did it for me regarding Alex Jones, the alt-media version of Bill Clinton’s “I smoked marijuana but didn’t inhale” nonsense!

    As for the Ninth Circle of Hell, that is the one image I clearly have in my memory still, the picture of Satan eating on Judas Iscariot. In my books, I use this imagery as well. Kinda wonder if the Ninth Circle is also reserved not just for betrayers, but betrayers of Christ in the so-called end times or tribulation, “Christians” who betray Christ out of fear of the anti-Christ, his minions, and everyone else who buys into it. Christ Himself said that it’ll be worse for “backsliders” than it would be for folks who never believed–weeping and gnashing of teeth, by Satan on the backsliders.

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