Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left speechless and completely & embarrassingly destroyed by ICE Director

Published on Jul 12, 2019

#AOC tries to come at Former ICE Director Thomas Homan. She gets eviscerated. It’s unfair. It’s hard to watch. Total savage flex by Homan at the end. AOC *literally* left speechless. I’ve never see a member get more completely & embarrassingly destroyed.

9 thoughts on “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez left speechless and completely & embarrassingly destroyed by ICE Director

  1. Hahaha! With a name like Cortez, she’s probably a part of the trafficking ring herself.

    I love how he basically tells her to f&$k off the legal way.

    “You want to seek asylum, you do it the legal way through the port of entry.”

    Damn right!

  2. And yet, it continues babbling, shuffling papers and paying no attention to the answers to it’s questions. It is a machine.
    Imagine a ferryman of olden days having to rescue dozens of idiots, on a daily basis, because they would not ride on the raft.
    In today’s whacky whirled he’d be the bad guy for letting any of them drown, even if he’s not there, with AOC pushing families off the riverbanks advising, “Scream real loud to get yourselves saved!”

  3. Imagine …Breaking into another country , and than complaining about how its detention centers aren’t up to your standards

  4. He looked like he wouldn’t have had any problem socking that stupid b#tch right in the piehole.

    Personally, I’ve never hit a woman… but there’s always a first time possibility for anything these days.

  5. That ICE guy reminds me of an old-world type of American, clear about the country. One can only wonder if/how he may be being asked to compromise. So hard to find good guys in all the manipulations, but he’s one I want to like. But really, there’s still so much playin’ by the rules while we watch the invasion. Can’t say I’m not having anguish about wanting it halted. Wish I myself could do more.

    This will be so hard to explain to future generations: “Granny, you mean you just watched droves of people entering the country for years and you couldn’t stop ’em?”

    Anyway, agonizing to watch this, this slow war, mission creep, televised, distorted, communist overtake.



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