Alexa’s new feature will help break up holiday fights

New York Post – by Natalie O’Neill

Alexa, help prevent a Christmas blowout!

The Amazon virtual assistant has a new feature meant to help families quit bickering during the holidays — by changing the subject that everyone is talking about, according to a report Wednesday. 

Research by the firm found that relatives are most prone to arguments at 6:30 p.m. December 25, so it programmed the gadget to jump in with questions that will spark less heated conversation, according to

When prompted, it will ask safe questions such as, “What would your superpower be and why?” and “Is ‘Die Hard’ a Christmas movie?,” according to the report.

The robot peacemaker is also programmed to bring up inoffensive topics ranging from celebrity crushes to baked goods.

To prompt the so-called “distraction technique,” simply say, “Alexa, change the subject!”

Money is the number one issue families fight about over the holidays — followed closely by what to watch on television, and being a sore loser during a Christmas game, according to a survey conducted by Amazon.

The arguments are most likely to break out between siblings or with mothers, according to the research.

The subject-changing feature is available on any device that has the Alexa voice assistant, including iPhone and Android.

2 thoughts on “Alexa’s new feature will help break up holiday fights

  1. Yeah, that’s right America allow more and more spyware into your homes. When Alexa reports something you say to the local gestapo thugs and your house gets SWAT raided, don’t say you weren’t warned.

  2. This may look frivolous, but its de-humanizing, that is to say, taking the human out of humans. It’s such deep programming, playfully asking us to suppress our opinions and to adjust our attitudes to mesh with compliance. It’s whole message is “Make Nice.”

    I think we need a SMASH ALEXA DAY, with so much more force than Dave used when he dismantled HAL. I’ve never been in the same room as Alexa, and likely never will. But if by some slight chance she sneaks into my presence she will have to endure a “holiday fight” of holiday fights. Damn!! Alexa is Big Brother’s Mistress.


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