6 thoughts on “Alez Jones

  1. Thanks, Katie.

    Only watched first 3 minutes so far, but wow, looks like AJ has a bullet-proof vest on. Also seems there are body-guards with him. Oh those sun-glasses. And of course, right at the beginning, a plug for the infamous InfoWars store. Shameless.

    Curious about a stat I’d absolutely never be able to ascertain: How many of those present were wearing bullet proof vests? Hey, why not? We haven’t heard too much about those.


  2. Still only 7 minutes in. So much of the energy always moves toward this gate-keeper.

    Sounds like some doublespeak on Trump. Says, Trump “backed off” on red flag laws. What does that mean, “backed off?” Does it mean he stopped talking about them? I searched but couldn’t find a source for Trump doing that. He may make some remarks, but they don’t hold water. AJ criticizes him while he defends him. And how quickly he move the discourse from the anti-Semitism question and free speech to gay frogs. So slick.


    1. “Says, Trump “backed off” on red flag laws. What does that mean”

      Just watch, it’s SuperTrump, toda rescue, he’s gonna WWF the bad guys now, (bam! biff#) cause it’s selection time, how bout that DOW!
      And then, after he’s selected…he’s gonna go all limp..
      DOW 35 gonna cost alotta lives.
      Suicidal kids and the single widowed wives…
      you know, because there’s more important issues than Americans’ freedoms, like the safety of god’s rejected…

      You just call the county and say, I want to unregister, how do I best do that mam?
      It’s easy
      Save a friggin tree

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