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Alfred Schaefer Update on Prisoner of (Info) War Monika Schaefer, in German Maximum Security Prison

Published on Jan 6, 2018

At about minute 21:00 Kenn Gividen asked Alfred if there were pograms against the Jews and he denied it. I think he meant after 1917 but Kennès question was about before 1917. There were pograms in the Pale of Settlement but the point is they were justified. The Czar was correct to limit the Jews because of their mistreatment of non Jews.

43:00 Alfred knows his sister well of course, and he expresses that Monika is satisfied in her situation and this is taking our message to the next level! Alfred told Sylvia Stoltz that this has doubled Monika’s “stock value” but Sylvia said, “No. This has multiplied it tenfold!”

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