All Attempts to Stop Ron Paul are Failing Miserably

As Ron Paul has surged to the top of the field in the GOP nomination run it is now his turn to be attacked, at least this is the line the propagandists are putting forth.  The fact is Ron Paul has been viciously attacked from the get go.  Remember “Ron Paul cannot be elected as president,” “Ron Paul is a kook,” “No one takes Ron Paul seriously,” “Ron Paul’s views are not mainstream,” and “Ron Paul is not a serious candidate.”

And now that Paul is leading in Iowa, what have the propagandists to say?  Well nothing but the same, which has already been proven erroneous through Dr. Paul’s accumulation of support from the mainstream population of the American people of the American race.

A big story over the weekend was about Ron Paul saying Michele Bachmann hates Muslims, which he did on the Tonight Show.  Michele Bachmann has made it clear that she fanatically supports Israel to the point that she would drag us into a war with Iran based on nothing more than the same propaganda/lies that took us into Iraq.

Now we all know what happened in Iraq.  A million Muslims were needlessly slaughtered.  Now if the old woman who lives in a shoe is chomping at the bit to slaughter a million more, do you think she likes Muslims or do you think she hates Muslims with the same contempt that the Israelis, whom she has clearly stated she will allow to dictate her actions in the Middle East, do?

Michele Bachmann is a hypocrite.  She advocates for new tax policies to force the poorest Americans to pay at least $5 in taxes because she says that everyone should contribute, even if they have to go hungry for a day to do so.

Of course we all know that Bachmann’s family farm, of which she is a part owner, received $260,000 cash in farm subsidies.  Maybe she figures her family can get $360,000 the next time if the poorest among us can be forced to do without a little food.

What about Michele Bachmann’s husband?

Yet despite her broadsides against “socialized medicine,” Bachmann’s husband, Marcus, applied for public funds for his counseling clinic, Bachmann & Associates. Since 2006, he has received nearly $30,000, according to Minnesota state records. The bulk of the money — $24,041 — came in the form of grants from the state Department of Human Services to train staff how to deal with clients suffering from chemical dependency and mental illness. That program was financed in part by the federal government.         Source

And don’t forget about the 23 foster children the old woman who lives in a shoe raised.  Bachmann received approximately $50 per child per day from the government for doing so.  These were children with eating disorders.  How many do you suppose were taken from their parents by child protective services, citing recommendations from her husband’s counseling service for doing so?  Hell when you stand back and look at it, socialism has been and is Michele Bachmann’s bread and butter.

And last but not least, Bachmann says Ron Paul’s foreign policy would be dangerous.  Really.  Ron Paul wants to end all the wars, bring all our troops home from around the world and put the United States in a state of peace to remain neutral in the foreign affairs of other countries.  Michele Bachman wants to invade Iran as just a starter.  So what do you think the average soldier who has to die or be mutilated on the battlefield would consider the more dangerous policy?

The fact is the United States has a $5.5 trillion nuclear arsenal.  We have the capability to destroy this entire planet many times over.  If we bring our troops home and take a constitutional stance based on truth and a real desire for world peace, we would have no need to send our army anywhere.  And with our army encamped within our country and under the command of a constitutional president, wouldn’t the United States be as safe as it possibly could be?  We just have to make it clear that we are not looking for any trouble, but if our sovereign territory is threatened by any power we will send them a cluster of nuclear warheads.

Just think how much cheaper this policy is going to be.  And no country would dare push President Paul on this issue.  Why?  Because he is honest, he doesn’t lie, he does not want to build a world empire, and he does exactly what he says he will do.

All mainstream propagandist efforts to divide we the American people of the American race have failed to the point that they are actually coming forth to try to sell the notion that logic is somehow silly and that our Constitution is not a serious document.  If they could wish it true I promise you they would.  They have had a long run but their days are numbered.

Ron Paul will be President of the United States in 2012 because we the people have made it clear we will settle for nothing less and we will enforce our will with a revolutionary war if necessary and no act the insurgent government can perpetrate is going to dissuade us.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

0 thoughts on “All Attempts to Stop Ron Paul are Failing Miserably

  1. Seems to be the most recent plan… to bring Bachmann out against Dr. Paul, now that all the other candidates are buried in dirt. She’s definitely dangerous, been bought off by the Military Industrial Complex. Hope American voters will see through her BS ” Ron Paul for President 2012″

    1. Sunfire,
      In going to the site, I was immediately suspicious as they wanted me to join them before knowing what I was joining. These people want the socialist status quo enforced through mob rule. This organization was put together by the contractors who are stealing 95 cents of every dollar allocated for the running of our country through administration fees. They don’t want two false paradigms, they want a thousand, in fact one for every one of their contracts, which will create mass confusion and allow them to go on stealing. Status quo.

      1. Henry, I had a feeling that was going to be the case. I was quite suspicious when watching the ad, I backed out of the website when I saw the sign-up stuff. I figured someone on this site might have already investigated them, so I posted that comment. I’m telling anyone willing to listen to me about Ron Paul and why everyone should vote for him. It’s do or die time!

        1. Me too.
          I emailed Henry a link to I story I read about them, as I was having no luck posting it as a response to your question. I read another story about how Bloomberg is endorsing them. Anything Bloomberg endorses tends to make me run the other way.

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