All Eyes on the Strait of Hormuz

Dr. Ron Paul is presently being attacked in the mainstream media because he will not commit the United States to enforcing Israeli dictates in the Middle East if he is elected president.  However it seems that every time the media points this fact out, Paul surges in the polls.  Could it be that the people of the United States have grown sick of foreign wars to build empire?  Or maybe we are just sick and tired of living like paupers while trillions upon trillions of dollars of our wealth is being used to kill other human beings.

The arrogance of the Israeli-American population is showing itself front and center in the mainstream media.  Maybe it is time this 1.7% of our population was taught a lesson through deportation to their beloved Israel.  I have mentioned in previous articles that the Israeli-Americans exercise an extraordinary amount of power and influence over our government.  Why?  Because they are deeply entrenched in our highest seats of power.

Also as previously mentioned, they are the only dual citizens allowed to serve in our government.  Of course dual citizen American-Israelis cannot serve in Israel’s government.  Why?  Because they hold dual allegiances, which actually I do not believe is true of the Israeli-Americans here as they hold but one allegiance and that is to Israel.

American warships are patrolling the Strait of Hormuz as Iranian naval forces are conducting exercises there and testing new missile systems.  The reporting of this fact has been vast in the mainstream as the propaganda push toward an invasion of Iran by Israel and the United States becomes full blown.  What the mainstream is leaving out is the fact that the Russians are also deployed in the area and have made it clear that an attack on Iran or Syria will not be tolerated by the Great Bear from the North.

Any muddle-head who thinks they can just dismiss Russia had better think again.  For the past twenty years, while the United States has been burning ordinances in small countries around the world playing the part of the bully on the block, the Russians have been busy building the mightiest navy on the planet.

If the maniacal war pigs in Washington DC are not brought to heel, we are going to find ourselves right in the middle of World War III.  And this is not going to be a war that will be won or lost through the deaths of a few million.  The fact is it is almost inevitable that nuclear weapons will come into play, and I believe this is the plan.

The fact that the illuminati intends to cull the population of the planet down to 550 million is well documented.  There are presently 7 billion people around the world.  In order to carry out the globalists’ agenda it would require 6,450 million to be killed.  I doubt this could be achieved short of using thermal nuclear weapons.  And anyone who thinks these mentally deficient psychos would not do this is foolish.

I think the only reason they have not just started firing missiles is because they have to arrange the situation to appear as if they had nothing to do with it because there will still be 550 million people left, the majority of which will not be the elite.  These survivors are destined to become the servants of the elite and must be carefully eugenically designed to that purpose.  If they believe the elite to be the “good guys” trying to repopulate the planet, they would be a whole lot more apt to go along.  On the other hand, if it were plain and clear that the elite had murdered 6,450 million of their fellow human beings, the fight would continue until the elite were destroyed.

We the people have allowed the situation to get so far out of hand that it is beginning to resemble a bad movie.  If we do not act and act soon to bring the situation back to sanity, we may indeed be destroyed through a rapture of fire.

God protect the weak among us and inspire the strong to fight this evil.

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