All Major Western Media Outlets Take ‘Private Dinners’, ‘Sponsored Trips’ from Chinese Communist Propaganda Front

The National Pulse – by Natalie Winters

A host of corporate media outlets including CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and MSNBC have participated in private dinners and sponsored trips with the China-United States Exchange Foundation, a Chinese Communist Party-funded group seeking to garner “favorable coverage” and “disseminate positive messages” regarding China, The National Pulse can reveal. 

Other outlets involved in the propaganda operation include Forbes, the Financial Times, Newsweek, Bloomberg, Reuters, ABC News, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, AFP, TIME magazine, LA Times, The Hill, BBC, and The Atlantic.

The relationship is revealed in the Department of Justice’s Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) filings, which reveal a relationship spanning over a decade between establishment media outlets and the China–United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF).

‘Neutralize Opposition.’

CUSEF is a Chinese Communist Party-funded initiative founded by Tung Chee Hwa. The group also targets American universities with offers to fund policy research, high-level dialogues, and exchange programs.

Tung also serves as Vice-Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), identified by the U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission as a key component of the Chinese Communist Party’s United Work Front.

The effort, according to the U.S. government report, aims to “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party.”

“The United Front strategy uses a range of methods to influence overseas Chinese communities, foreign governments, and other actors to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing’s preferred policies,” it continues.

This strategy appears to have been deployed in conjunction with outlets such as CNN, New York Times, and the Washington Post.

Targeting Reporters, Journalism Students.

A 2011 FARA filing highlighted by Axios detailed CUSEF’s agreement with American lobbying firm BLJ. It outlines how CUSEF set out to “effectively disseminate positive messages to the media, key influencers and opinion leaders, and the general public” regarding China.

To do so, CUSEF targeted working journalists and journalist students:

In order to develop favorable coverage in key national media, BLJ will continue to organize and staff “familiarization trips” to China. This includes recruiting top journalists to travel to China, selected for effectiveness and opportunities for favorable coverage.

In 2009 alone, CUSEF generated 28 media placements as a result of its four journalist visits and BLJ secured “the publication of 26 opinion articles and quotes within 103 separate articles” on behalf of CUSEF.

Outlets included Newsweek, the National Journal, the Nation, Congressional Quarterly, U.S. News, World Report, The Chicago Tribune, and the Washington Note.

2009 journalist outreach results.

“BLJ directly contributed to or influenced” an average of three articles “per week.”


While universities, including the University of Texas at Austin, have divested from CUSEF in light of its Chinese Communist Party ties, the same cannot be said for dozens of Western media outlets.

FARA filings from CUSEF’s American lobbying firm BLJ reveal American media organization participating in “private dinners at BLJ’s CEO’s home on behalf of CUSEF,” trips to China, and meetings with CUSEF officials.

A filing dated January 1st, 2012, show outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, CNN, and more participating in “private dinners” at the home of CUSEF’s American lobbying firm’s CEO.

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2 thoughts on “All Major Western Media Outlets Take ‘Private Dinners’, ‘Sponsored Trips’ from Chinese Communist Propaganda Front

  1. Commie infiltration propaganda.

    You might remember that we were friends with
    China for the last few decades, or at least our politicians were, but all of a sudden they’re our evil enemies, and the chinks we’ve invited in are now “infiltrators”.

    You’re being primed for war with China, and it’s just a matter of putting a new spin on last year’s “news”.

    1. Since “When:” was the United States “Ever” a Pro-Communist Nation.
      The Russians got no such treatment, so what is special about the Chinese when Both are Communist ?
      That answer is simple and You said it yourself … Propaganda !
      The Russians did not put so much money behind it, politicians before the 1990’s were smarter and more principled than this collection of mental midgets we have now and they took fewer bribes from our enemies …
      The Chinese being our “friends for decades” has amounted to 80% of the Socks in this country [and the world] come from China.
      America cannot make Socks, or anything else made in China ?
      We are swimming in cheap crappy junk “Made In China” and No One here can do better … Really ?
      Do some homework, Understand What Propaganda Means and realize that That Sword has a double edge before You shoot your mouth off about “who our friends are” but do not seem to understand what Propaganda Is nor what a two faced lying bribe infested politician is.
      Nor do You seem to realize that the U.S. has the “Best Government Money Can Buy”.
      The Chinese have proven that.
      The “friends” that hang around most are commonly the ones dependent upon You and are constantly in your pocket or are paying You off to get closer to your wife or money.
      The coffee is on … take a sniff

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