5 thoughts on “ALL My Videos Removed from Vimeo yes Empire too

    1. makes me wonder if there really is a “safe” platform anymore in this world , I view this as curtailing free speech , even if those posting are not the owner of the site , its a vehicle to get truth out , or opinions . And they dont want the truth out ,because it implicates them as accessories in horrendous acts against humanity

  1. Wondering if Mike Adam’s RealVideo platform will do the same–to truth tellers about Israel, that is (which I think Dawson was part of). Folks, if you can’t tell the truth about Israel, Zionism, or the Talmud-Zohar-Kabbalah, on a video or audio or blog channel, then you do NOT support freedom of speech, which even neo-nazis as well as Antifa thugs have a right to.

  2. HI Guys,
    I highly suggest you use and support Bitchute. This is the most likely to stay uncensored the longest.
    If you have not used it yet just go through it some and you will see how it is obviously uncensored.
    It is also growing very fast and decentralized. Harder for them to censor although I am sure they will be trying soon.

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