All Of Our Governments Are Full Of Traitors

Wardo Rants

February 4th, 2022.

Do not comply: They all need to come down, or we’ll never see change.
Here in the USA it is our duty to rid the country of this tyranny.
Canada .. It’s up to you as well.

11 thoughts on “All Of Our Governments Are Full Of Traitors

  1. There is no government here in the united states of America . The DC company United States is just a government services corporation pretending to be the government. They have no standing.

  2. This is not the government it’s just a governmental services corporation . We are rebuilding the actual government as we speak .

    1. Who are you and how are you rebuilding what government?
      There isn’t going to be any government to govern over us in any way. We are autonomous and our people’s government is already in place. It was put in place December 15, 1791. It is the common law of this country and the people as individual free sovereign nationals are the jurisdictional authority.
      So again, what government do you think you are going to build?
      I think this is what the king’s rulers in the colonies did to hijack the people’s uprising for their autonomy and their individual freedoms and liberties.
      Step lightly, you are surrounded by thin ice.

  3. I think if you listen and decifer. He did not mention Bill of Rights and so he is on a different path than most American Nationals. We are the law!!! They need to be the law as well if they expect to have rights!! Make the point!!!! KEEP PUSHIN!!!!

  4. @11:45 – There it is again, that word: “PEACEFULLY!!” Every time they do that they are failing the people. They are not preparing them for what’s ahead. I would even call it endangerment. False direction. A weakening of the forces. The Trench has no room for such, no?


    1. Isnt that special…. ohh how convienant!!! NOT FUNNY O O TWO BARRELLS OF HOT LEAD SMOKE & FIRE!!! BLAM!!!!! Cant speak, Cant hear…. Cant See no evil, hear no evil …. Rest in Peace!!!!!! LOL Not funny…..

  5. Yes I caught that “we will remove them peacefully”. No!! Freedom and Liberty have never been handed over peacefully. Freedom and Liberty must be taken at gun point with violence, pain, suffering and death from the oppressors and traitors who think they are entitled to take it from you! Liberty must be taken by absolute force. The 27 men who stood their ground on Lexington green can attest to this. The king sent an army of 700/800 and they we not sent to “peacefully” remove the peoples arms. They were sent to destroy any sentiment or thought of autonomy and freedom. Keep dreaming dipshits, you go and try take back your freedom peacefully and see what happens. Don’t have any guns? The canadian cops and military have plenty. Take them back. They belong to you or did you forget you paid for them?! Those big rigs can be used as weapons, anything can be used as a weapon. Get creative!

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