All That Stands Between Humanity And The Ultimate Catastrophe Is A Thin Red Line Of Well-Armed American Patriots

All News Pipeline – by William B Stoecker

Most patriots have by now figured out that the NWO (New World Order) elitists, the banksters who control the Deep State, and, indeed, most of the Western nations, are sadistic sociopaths who do evil for the sake of evil. But gradually it is becoming apparent that, not satisfied with dumbing us down in the indoc centers formerly known as “schools,” indoctrinating us, morally degrading us, impoverishing and enslaving us, they want to kill every last one of us.   

The elites are waging war on their own peoples and destroying Western Civilization. They (like their ultimate master) want to destroy the human race…even though they are part of it, the way a cancer is part of its host. Following their usual practice of, at some point and in some way, telling us the truth about their plans, they have admitted as much. Prominent members of the elite have repeatedly called for the sudden and drastic reduction of the human population of Earth (to “save the planet”), and this is engraved on the mysterious Georgia Guide Stones.


The UN produced maps as part of the Wildlands Project showing the elites’ plans for our future. The one for the US is typical, and it shows our former Republic divided into zones. Much of the land area will be zoned for no human use, some for very restricted human use, and small enclaves will be set aside for human habitation…and farming, oil drilling, mining, logging, and watershed. In other words, we peasants will not even be allowed to set foot in much of what used to be our country.

These maps, never disavowed by any US President or any well-known Senator or Representative, are available on several websites. Also available are sites with maps showing how much of the US is being used for farming and ranching. Glancing back and forth at these, anyone can clearly see that not enough farmland will remain to feed more than a tiny percentage of our population…and that’s without even considering the all-important watershed (dams would have to be blown up and reservoirs drained) and access to timber, minerals, and energy. The human “enclaves” would literally be concentration camps where we would be herded in to die of thirst, hunger, and disease.


And our masters have already begun arranging our death and the destruction of Western Civilization. Take England as an example. In 1987 a homosexual named Thomas Hamilton allegedly shot dead a teacher, 16 children, and himself at the Dunblane primary school in Scotland. Immediately, someone began circulating a petition calling for “gun control,” which led to Parliament passing a law virtually disarming the British people. With the alleged killer dead (like Lee Harvey Oswald and the Sandy Hook and Las Vegas alleged killers) he could not be questioned. No pictures of the alleged victims were ever published, and the autopsy reports (carried out by Dr. Anthony Busuttil, who also did the autopsies after the mysterious Lockerbie airliner bombing and crash) were never made public. In other words, like most of the mass shootings in the US, the whole thing is fishy.

In Australia, the mass shootings in Port Arthur, Tasmania on 4/28 and 4/29/1996, when a supposedly retarded man, Martin Bryant, allegedly killed 35 people and wounded 23, served as a pretext for disarming the commoners. Following that, violent crime in Australia actually increased, and in May, 2018, in rural Western Australia, police found the bodies of seven people, shot dead by an unknown assailant…”gun control” is working perfectly. The US passed a major “gun control” bill after they killed JFK. And we all know by now it was “they,” meaning our Deep State operatives, and the people behind the killing used it as a pretext for “gun control.” Of course, since then, we have had more and more shootings; the more “gun control” we have, the more killings we have, usually in “gun free zones,” but the lesson here is too obvious for subtle leftist minds to grasp.

In both the UK and Australia, gun confiscation led to more crime and violence, but not enough to satisfy our masters. The British police and courts have made little effort to punish criminals, but have repeatedly imprisoned crime victims for daring to fight back with improvised weapons. Their criminal assailants have been encouraged by the government to sue their victims. If this does not constitute a war on the people, what does?

In the UK and elsewhere in Europe, as well as in the US, borders were opened up for more and more immigration, flooding the Western nations with Muslims, Latin Americans, and sub-Saharan Africans. Many of the new arrivals are illiterate or semi-literate, have no work skills or ethic, and no desire to assimilate. These new arrivals have created a crime wave in Europe, including Britain, robbing, raping, and killing to their heart’s content.

The enlightened citizens of Londonistan have elected a Muslim mayor, who has presided over a further increase in crime, with stabbings becoming a common occurrence, almost always perpetrated by immigrants, especially Muslims. Sweden is becoming the rape capital of the West. Incredibly, virtually all the Western governments have given the “refugees” extensive welfare benefits, and even kicked their own citizens out of apartments and rented homes to make room for the invaders. The criminals are rarely prosecuted and almost never severely punished for their crimes, but any citizens who dare to speak out on the matter are fined or even imprisoned. So much for free speech in the “Free World.”

And the Muslim immigrants, to show their gratitude to their hosts in the US and in Europe, have committed numerous terrorist acts, like the London subway bombings of 7/7/2005 (note that 2005 also adds up to seven…this looks like an Illuminati signature) that killed 52 people and injured over 700. In the US we have suffered one terrorist act after another, by our own government and by Muslim terrorists imported into our country by the government. Neocons justify our eternal undeclared wars by saying that if we “don’t fight them over there we will have to fight them here.” But they are here, thanks to these same neocons and their leftist comrades. Remember that neocons are neither new nor conservative. All we would have to do to protect Americans from terrorism is to get the US out of the Middle East and the Middle East out of the US. But protection (the most basic purpose of government) is not the name of the game.


In the meantime, these same elites are pushing for more and more vaccinations and are moving toward making them mandatory…very profitable for Big Pharma. Bear in mind that many of these vaccines are of dubious efficacy, and all involve some risk, even without the deadly mercury compounds still used in some of them. How can anyone justify giving multiple vaccinations to a newborn in one day? And, speaking of Big Pharma, boys in the US are often diagnosed with imaginary ailments like attention deficit disorder and dosed with psychoactive drugs that actually increase rates of violence and suicide…most of the alleged mass shooters in recent years were on these drugs (and carried out their crimes in “gun free zones”). Promising alternative cancer treatments have been ignored or even suppressed in favor of chemotherapy, which is rarely effective and has devastating effects on overall health. Mike Adams on has documented all of this, as has G. Edward Griffin in his book World Without Cancer.

Our medical industry also prescribes statin drugs, about as effective against cardiovascular disease as chemotherapy is against cancer, and also having horrible side effects. And in most municipalities in the US, they still put deadly fluoride compounds in our drinking water, even though numerous studies have proven them to be ineffective against tooth decay. Anyone watching television cannot help but notice that many of the commercials are for medicines…medicines that treat symptoms, but never a medicine that actually cures anything. Cures are not profitable. And then there is chem spraying, no longer just a conspiracy “theory.” Years ago, under pressure from “environmentalists,” the US and many other governments banned the effective and relatively safe insecticide, DDT. The result was a massive increase in mosquitoes in places like Africa, and a surge in malaria rates. Many, many people have died. And now, some of the insecticides replacing DDT are proving to be much more dangerous to people. Everything the elites do…everything, without exception…harms us.

I think that we can make an educated guess as to the future the elites have planned for us. Imagine a world where most of the people have died of hunger, thirst, and disease, leaving a remnant population of half a billion people at most, all of them dumbed down, degraded, impoverished, and enslaved. Ruling them will be a tiny minority of “aristocrats,” perhaps only a few thousand. The millions of UIs (useful idiots) presently aiding the elites will be long dead, having served their purpose. Robots will do most of the useful work, and the dwindling number of peasants will be kept alive only to serve as sex toys and sacrificial victims. Inevitably, the elites, after killing the last few commoners, will war on one another until the whole system collapses and Humanity is no more. Their ultimate master will be highly pleased…if this happens.

And all that stands between Humanity and this ultimate catastrophe is a thin red line of well-armed American patriots.

William B Stoecker

All News Pipeline


5 thoughts on “All That Stands Between Humanity And The Ultimate Catastrophe Is A Thin Red Line Of Well-Armed American Patriots

  1. Ironically, it was on this date in 1787 that our delegates gathered in Philadelphia to draw up our Constitution. They have to be turning over in their graves in light of the almost total destruction of that sacred document.

  2. “….And all that stands between Humanity and this ultimate catastrophe is a thin red line of well-armed American patriots….”

    Why does the author assume that line is “thin” ??

    An event will occur that represents the last straw for many Americans, and when that happens, you’ll have to take a number and wait your turn to join the battle. We’re talking about a minimum of tens of millions, and quite possibly a hundred million.

    1. Our real danger comes from the idiots among the population who still get their info from the TV, give all the info they can to the police, and don’t know who to shoot at.

  3. Master, eh? And you didn’t mention who this ‘master’ is? Why not? (Hint: it isn’t Trump or Netanyahu or Putin or that Chinese dude or Kim whatshisname or the Pope or even Rothschild…see Ephesians 6:12)

  4. ter)
    New International Version
    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

    New Living Translation
    For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places

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