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Alternative News is Dead

Well it’s not completely dead, but it’s definitely going to need life support, because most of the once-popular sources of real news have sold themselves to Zion, and are now shoveling whatever dung will make them a few bucks. This makes them no better than any other television station.

Alternative news websites were born out of patriotic desire to expose the truth to the American people, but unfortunately, there’s no money in exposing the truth, and in fact, exposing too much truth insures that you’ll never make a dime, regardless of how many people come to your website to read it. Half of the truth is just another lie, and real truth-movers know it.

As a result of Zionist coercion of advertisers, as well as their control of payment systems, there now exists only a precious few websites willing to tell the whole truth, and they can probably use a little financial help. How much do you pay every month to be brainwashed by cable TV? Let’s not forget to donate to the people working to save our country. Without real news, we’re all screwed.  

As the mainstream news lost viewers and readers, the Zionists moved in to infiltrate and subvert the alternative news, in a desperate attempt to maintain their control over what Americans think and believe.

The fact of the matter is that the truth movement, patriot movement, or alternative news movement (or whatever you want to call it), has always been populated by people who were interested in saving this country, working alongside of people who were only here because they saw it as a way of selling their book, owning a profitable website, or as we see in the case of Mike Snyder, running for political office. And of course, always swimming in the same mud, we have the endless precession of spies, infiltrators, propagandists, and any paid shill willing to throw a wrench in the machine, any way he can.

To determine the sincerity of any particular source of information, don’t listen to what’s said, but instead look at the result (or probable result) of what they do, or the effect of what they say, and then try to deduce their motive for saying it. Your enemy will always pretend to be on your side, and from that vantage point, will always work to divide us. That’s been their modus operandi for eons, because it’s a proven strategy, and it’s very much in use today. “By their fruits you shall know them”.

Even from a completely secular standpoint, we’re engaged in a biblical battle between good and evil that can be guaranteed to get out of hand. You better be doing the right thing, because our victory depends on always holding the moral high-ground, and a lot of people will probably be hanged in a very expedient from of justice, because it will be the only form of justice that’s possible.

This is not a race war, but the Zionist media will insist that it is, and they’ll do all they can to encourage that. Ignore all sources of information that try to pit Americans against each other; they’re not working for you, or the future of this country.

The fact of the matter is that American whites and blacks are of a slightly different culture, but there’s no reason that should stop us from defeating our common enemy, and restoring our Bill of Rights, because doing so gives all of us our only chance at freedom and equality. I think everyone understands that, and I see the relationship between American whites and blacks as similar to two squabbling brothers, who might fight against each other all day long, but will always be on the same side when confronted by an external enemy. The Bill of Rights that unites us is far more important than any petty differences that divide us. Keep your eyes on the big picture, and the real enemy.

Likewise, websites or writers that are constantly promoting civil war by declaring that it’s necessary or inevitable are not working to save this country; they’re working to divide Americans, and they’re hoping to see us kill each other for their entertainment. You should see the promotion of this imaginary civil war as the hallmark of a Zionist shill, trying his best to drive a wedge between Americans so our country is more easily conquered.

One crucial component of a civil war that’s obviously lacking here is a legitimate enemy. A handful of paid shills and their useful idiots does not an army make, and if not for the Zionist propagandists, our “enemies” wouldn’t even exist. Antifa and BLM are not a real threat; they’re theatrical threats, funded by billionaires, and acting out a script designed to induce you to attack other Americans. Please don’t become one of their useful idiots.

The Zionists are propagandizing for their white genocide, and trying to incite race war, too. Every black guy you see on TV yelling “kill all the white people” has probably been paid to say it, and it’s probably the best job he’s had in years. We’ve seen Antifa and KKK members (actors) arriving on the same buses in Charlottesville, all for the purpose of making more “news” to convince Americans that a race war, or civil war is on the horizon, or is needed. It’s nonsense, and it’s a desperate attempt by the Zionists to divert attention away from themselves, and divide us in the process.

And yes, I saw the “cop” who made the video from his patrol car, warning us about the impending Antifa attack. To me he sounded like a flaming homosexual trying his best to talk like a man, and he definitely did not sound like a cop. My guess is that he’s an aspiring actor, a die-hard liberal, and was eager to help the cause of bringing those angry white supremacist gun owners out into the open. It was another attempt to convince patriots to attack Antifa, and another warning of civil war, this time coming from a bogus cop in a movie-prop uniform, with no visible connection to any known police force.

Antifa has an army big enough to make headlines, but not big enough to wage war. Of course, I can’t be sure this is the case, but please consider the possibility that Antifa only exists as a form of bait, to draw out everyone on our side who is willing to fight so they might be identified, arrested, disarmed, shot, or all of the above. Antifa only poses a threat to unarmed individuals. They are not now, and never will be a legitimate fighting force, but they were bought and paid for because they do have a purpose.

Yes, they may be here to deliver the “red terror”, but since communist insurgencies of the past have never had to deal with a population as heavily armed and as situationally aware as ours is, Antifa may represent an entirely new tactic.

There are good Jews, blacks, and Chinese-Americans working hard on our side. We don’t need to alienate them, and we don’t need race wars or pogroms. Those horrors are our enemy’s goal. The Satan-worshiping Zionists have always instigated and profited from racism and anti-Semitism, but we answer to a higher authority, and always need to keep decency and goodness in command of our actions. We’re hunting for criminals and traitors; not races or religions.

Knowing that what we do is right, and just, is crucial to our victory, and everyone else must know it too. They must be made aware that we represent a necessary change, we’ve been given no alternative, and that we fight for them, their families, and their freedom. We cannot lose popular support, because it will make our struggle infinitely harder, and cost us dearly in casualties. Holding the moral high ground will keep the majority of Americans on our side, which translates to boxes of food left for you to find, and them knowing nothing when questioned by police.

Of course, there’s no telling at this point who you’ll have to defend yourself from, but if our advance is against blacks, Chinese, or Jews, we’re going to lose the support of Americans, and in fact, the rest of the world as well. In the case of the Mexicans, I believe our interactions with them will depend on how they respond to being deported, but anything that’s interpreted as an “ethnic cleansing”, will provide an excuse to bring U.N., or other international forces against us.

Our lives may also depend on how successful we were at spreading the truth, and we always knew it might come to this. Everyone wonders what percentage of the population we’ve reached, but there are some empirical data that provide an answer; The Zionist media that once made billionaires is now barely profitable, and in some cases operating at a loss, in a last-grasp effort to retain some influence over the population. You-tube, Google, and Facebook are quickly losing customers. Starbucks is also getting hurt, and an announcement of transgender bathrooms cost Target $20 billion overnight. I don’t have to mention recent gun sales, because the Guiness book of records probably already did. These are significant indicators that we have a much larger army behind us than we’re aware of, and they’re all waking up on the wrong side of the bed.

The American people are rapidly becoming aware of the danger they’re in, and the crap that surrounds them, but the Zionist propaganda machine has always tried to convince them that they’re alone, or in the minority. Turn off your television, open your eyes, and most importantly, open your mouth.

There should be thousands of “Jolly Rogers” by now, but the media has most people cowed into silence, which was only possible by convincing you that you’re alone. Fifteen years ago we were alone, but it’s just not the case anymore, and any hard evidence we can find related to the issue tends to prove that.

There are a few holdouts who still believe the propaganda, but only because they’re psychologically incapable of accepting the truth. The Zionist propaganda machine has shattered their own credibility by being forced into more and more desperate lies, and as a result of this, they’ve lost their influence over all but their most die-hard adherents.

There are however, some people who should know better who are still being influenced by the television, and there are much more important things transpiring than the TV will ever report or reveal. Everything on the television exists to influence your opinions, and your actions. No one’s reporting news, and no one’s trying to entertain you. It’s too powerful a device to be wasted on such trivial matters. It’s a brainwashing machine and nothing more, and the sooner you smash the thing, the better off we’ll all be.   — Jolly Roger 

“These, in the day when heaven was falling,
The hour when Earth’s foundations fled,
Followed their mercenary calling
And took their wages and are dead.”
– Alfred Edward Housman (epitaph on an army of mercenaries)

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21 Responses to Alternative News is Dead

  1. DL. says:

    Biggest example of this? Infowars and Alex Jones…when we first got internet in 1998 we soon found the Infowars site and it seemed really truthful. Then a few years later Jones says, “the Arabs own Hollywood,” which even an idiots know the Jews own Hollywood. It was kinda like when Bill Clinton ran for Prez in 1992 and said, “I’ve smoked marijuana but didn’t inhale.”
    After Jones said that, I wad done with him. Then you have Rense.com which charges ridiculous amounts for money for ads no one will ever click on. Then you have Mike Rivero doing the same thing and then banning FTTWR! Ads play a major role in the destruction of truthful alt. media, but it isn’t just ads. It’s the lack of truth more than anything else, and the censorship of comments as well. Which makes FTTWR the ONLY alt media news aggregater I have any trust in.

    • DL. says:

      And thanks, Jolly, for telling the truth about the FACT that when push comes to shove, the supposed racial or whatever divisions among the people will dissolve, and that most will see the true enemy for what it is. Trump, Antifa, BLM, KKK and the rest are just part of the reality show, which will always be bogus. “I give you my word…” Prez Trump…er, Comacho, from “Idiocracy,” the movie that made dystopia a reality show.

  2. Hal Apeeno says:

    🙂 Salutations.

  3. Katie says:

    Jolly, great reminder of things to keep in mind, and great to see an article from you.

  4. galen says:

    So many good points. Thanks, Jolly. Can’t wait ’till the press is free again. Audacity be ours.



  5. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    Jolly you hit the nail on the head.

    Confucius once said, “the truth lies inside FTTWP, nowhere else.”


  6. Joestp says:

    Is this the same Jolly Roger, that JD called out as a troll? By the way all common sense.

  7. Martist says:

    Amen, Jolly Roger.

  8. mary in ND says:

    ‘Let’s not forget to donate to the people working to save our country. Without real news, we’re all screwed’……….

  9. Jolly Roger says:

    Thanks, everyone. The “troll” accusation is ridiculous, for the simple reason that no one would pay me to say that, or anything I’ve said in the past.

    Where’s the billionaire or Zionist that wants me on his payroll? It’s laughable.

    • flee says:

      My favorite Jolly Rodger candy was…

      Watermelon and Apple flavor.


      That was good stuff.

      Hey…you got anymore candy…?

      Crap… I’m getting old..

      That was Jolly Rancher.

  10. I think more and more American’s are waking up to the fact that Jewish money owns our politicians. That the Muslim enemies we are fighting are foremost, enemies of Isreal and not America.

    If America wasn’t the dog the Jewish tail is wagging, unfriendly Muslim countries probably couldn’t care less what America does.

    • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

      I wish you would write an article and expand on that point.

      I’ve never heard it put that way.

      Great observation!

  11. Mick says:

    Put down the evening news many years ago

  12. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    Glad to see you back, JR.

    “It’s a brainwashing machine and nothing more, and the sooner you smash the thing, the better off we’ll all be.”

    Absolutely UNCHALLENGED!

    LOL… the last paragraph reminded me of an article (one that you actually liked) from one of your least favorite authors. Haven’t posted anything of his for a few years now.


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