Aluminum And Eugenics

The Age of AluminumBefore It’s News – by Zen Gardner

It’s hard to believe that the majority of people are not aware of or don’t care about the information regarding the harmful effects of aluminum.  People are in denial about aluminum in cookware, aluminum used to can food, in deodorant, among other things,  and worst of all the aluminum that is in the air from the incessant chemtrail aerosol spraying.  Following is a great study on the terrible health effects of aluminum.  This article first appeared on  

Below is a must watch video series about aluminum and the eugenics program that is in full swing.

Aluminum is everywhere, in our cars, our food, our medical products and drugs, vaccines, and even our water. It was once safely sequestered in the earth’s crust, but now is torn from it to help produce every imaginable product under the sun—in spite of being a potent neurotoxin!

by Heidi Stevenson

This is the Age of Aluminum. As the scientific dean of aluminum’s biological effects, Dr. Chris Exley, says, “Pandora’s box has been opened.” We are living with aluminum in virtually every aspect of our lives, from structures to transportation to water supplies to cosmetic and health products to household cleaners to our food. It is in everything, including our bodies. The mad headlong rush to tear aluminum out of the earth leaves a swathe of destruction and destroyed lives behind it.

Aluminum is an exceptionally versatile chemically active element, which is why it’s ubiquitous in today’s world. However, it has no natural role in any biological form. It is a highly toxic poison. Unfortunately, as Dr. Exley’s apt metaphor suggests, we cannot simply close the lid. One way or another, we must live with it.

The problem in today’s society is that most of the financing for research is coopted by the profit imperative. As a result, far too little science is dedicated to concerns of aluminum’s toxicity or how to deal with it. Nonetheless, some intrepid researchers have turned their backs on the big money, instead dedicating themselves to matters of health and safety. They come together annually in the Keele Conference, which is led by Dr. Exley.

These researchers come from a wide array of fields, including medicine’s neurology, oncology, and endocrinology, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, agriculture, forestry, toxicology, microbiology, combinations of these, and other areas of expertise. In spite of a shortage in funding, the results are impressive.

Let’s take a look at the status of today’s research on the biological effects of aluminum.

Effects on Humans

The effects of aluminum on the central nervous system are being studied from several different angles. The latest Keele meeting covered a wide range of aspects:

  • Parenteral nutrition—nutrients provided by means other than the mouth or alimentary canal, that is, by injection or intravenous infusion—has become common in premature newborns, severely ill, and elderly people. New research documents that the materials used to provide such nutrition leach into the sustenance and toxic levels enter the body, resulting in dangerously high levels of aluminum found in bones.
  • Aluminum has adverse effects on gene expression, which affects the central nervous system and may be associated with essential hypertension.
  • In the form of aluminum chloride, aluminum is responsible for DNA damage and rapid cell aging.
  • Aluminum is found in significantly high concentrations in cancerous breasts. The high level of aluminum is associated with cancer-related abnormalities, including high levels of inflammatory cytokines and other pro-inflammatory substances.
  • Aluminum adjuvants in vaccines persist in the body. They are known to cause the new neurological disorder, macrophagic myofasciitis.
  • Although aluminum is excreted via the kidneys, their ability to do so is limited. Quantities that are not eliminated appear to have an affinity for endothelial cells lining cerebral blood vessels and possibly the brain, with likely downstream pro-inflammatory and pathogenic effects.
  • Aluminum has been safely chelated using EDTA, with associated beneficial effects on multiple sclerosis patients.
  • Aluminum-exposed workers are significantly more likely to develop cognitive disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • People in the upper quartile of aluminum toxicity are at three times the risk of developing diabetes.MORE HERE>>

This video series is one of the best on the sources of and effects of aluminun on health.

One thought on “Aluminum And Eugenics

  1. George Gordon gives a pretty good discussion of how the public is knowingly toxified with aluminum. The only item with which I disagree is aluminum cans: aluminum beverage cans and tin cans for food are lined with an epoxy resin that contains bisphenol-A or bisphenol-B, well-known hormone disruptors which act as synthetic estrogen. Might want to think about that the next time you buy a 6-pack.

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