Alyssa Milano explains the Constitution to all the ‘2A zealots’

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On Friday night, Alyssa Milano, who hasn’t “been relevant since Who’s the Boss,” decided to explain how the 2nd Amendment works to all the “2A zealots” out there because they obviously don’t know anything about our nation’s founding documents: 

Are you surprised that she already doesn’t know WTF she’s talking about? It’s pretty clear from the thread that she doesn’t see a difference between the M16 and an AR-15:

Because there are “sensible regulations” in place if you want to go out an buy an M16, but she doesn’t know that, obviously:

Why, yes, we’d love to have a sensible debate on guns with the actress who doesn’t know anything about what she’s trying to sensibly regulate:

She really set herself up for this one, didn’t she?

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6 thoughts on “Alyssa Milano explains the Constitution to all the ‘2A zealots’

  1. I heard that celebs (even has-beens) get paid big time for sound bites and really big time for putting their name and face behind an issue. It’s the mammon dangling carrot once again. And I see handlers all around her, sitting at big, shiny tables, giving her the script.

    Why don’t we just call celebs paid off politicians? Ha!!


  2. Im not well regulated, nor am i active militia nor am i part of the security of a free state. I am a “the people” and my right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.
    The security of a free state requires a militia and one that is well regulated to bout.

  3. HEY! Melissa/Alyssa whatever… has been relevant since “Who’s The Boss?” She did that long running show about the sisters who were witches. What was that called??? Anyhow, that should qualify as relevant-ish. That alone should qualify her to comment on matters of Constitutionality of all sorts of stuff.

  4. Relevant or not, she is doing it for the same reasons most celebs (washed up or not) do this kind of thing–attention. Rock stars–mostly all old now since rock music died around 2010 and rap/hip-hop/pop replaced it…it’s all about diversity right? screw rock music, the ‘white man’s music’!–have NOTHING on the attention-seeking crapola of Milano, “Jay-Hova”, Queen Be, Katy “I love human meat” Perry and the rest of the Hollywood hypos! (oaky okay rock isn’t dead, just on the MSM music channels…)

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