AMAZING Aerial Footage of Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill!

Published on Apr 2, 2013 by LeeCamp2

Tens of thousands of gallons of oil have flooded some of the streets and yards of Mayflower, Arkansas. The Exxon tar sands oil spill is small taste of what we would see if the Keystone XL Pipeline is approved. The media is largely being kept away from this spill. In the video you can see that Exxon’s plan to clean it up consists mostly of hoses and paper towels. Go to and to learn more and lend your support to the fight of people over profit. UPDATE: The FAA has restricted flight over the area –…

5 thoughts on “AMAZING Aerial Footage of Arkansas Tar Sands Oil Spill!

  1. USE AFFF firefighting foam and spray on the oil cleans and washes it away and dissolves it too and stops the stink.Breaks it down


  2. Gee…it kinda reminds me of that BP oil spill that we are suppose to forget back in 2010. Just like we are suppose to forget that Rand Paul is a traitor and that the last presidential election was rigged and that the same Al-Qaeda that were killing our soldiers in Afghanistan are the same one’s we are fighting with in Syria and that jobs were the most important thing in our economy today, the fast and furious scandal, the borders are wide open and DHS let go of over 2000 illegals before reaching the border because they didn’t have enough money to make it 70 miles further to the border and that there was a purple van at Sandy Hook and that the sky is blue and the Earth is round.

    This game of theirs is getting silly and old real fast.

      1. No, no, Digs. You said it all wrong. He says it this way, “LET ME BE CLEAR. It is time for a change.” lol

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