Amazing Benefits of Garlic Through the Winter

Dec 13, 2021 
It’s important to protect your immune system—especially during the winter. Check out these amazing benefits of garlic for the immune system.
Today we’re going to talk about the amazing immune benefits of garlic—especially during the winter. Garlic has been used as a natural remedy for various conditions for thousands of years.
Garlic is even ranked at the top for having potent anticancer effects, according to data from a study on the effects of cancer prevention from vegetables.   Most of the data we’re covering is from in vitro studies—not studies done on humans.
These studies found that garlic has the potential to kill: • E. coli  • MRSA • Anthrax
They found that garlic has a potent effect against: • Viruses  • Fungi • Parasites
They even found that just the odor of garlic may help kill bacteria.
Garlic also has the ability to bind with organophosphates from pesticides and detoxify them from the body. Organophosphates can have a devastating effect on the immune system—they can make you susceptible to getting sick. But, garlic can help detoxify them and protect your immune system.  Be sure to buy garlic that’s locally grown from a very good source.
Fermented garlic and fermented black garlic both have incredible benefits as well. They actually have even more antioxidants and nutrients.  The important phytonutrients in garlic can survive temperatures that are 100 degrees Celsius or 212 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 20 minutes.

6 thoughts on “Amazing Benefits of Garlic Through the Winter

  1. Yep. Get sore throat, cold, or flu? Eat raw garlic, whole, every few hours. And eat raw garlic at every meal. It’s one reason hubby hardly ever gets sick (he can’t live without it!)

  2. Thank you, Mary. I swear by garlic and value it right up there with colloidal silver. Such powerful medicine. If not feeling well, I just mince a raw clove or two and take like vitamins with some water, twice a day. Within a couple of days it does the job every time. To keep its efficacy I do treat it as medicine and only take these larger doses if necessary so the body recognizes it as a fighter.


  3. I love garlic!
    Scored a bunch of Russian, and Bavarian from someone who grows it.
    Never got it planted (bummer).
    Plenty to eat, and share though.

  4. I love garlic too!! but i might have some might powerful breath in the mornin!! Garlic stuffed olives MMmmmm How bout blue cheese stuffed olives??

    1. Hal Apeeno stuffed olives are good for your heart LOL!!! Maybe not so much good the next mornin….. YOU THINK IM FUNNY??? HOW AM I FCKN FUNNY??? DO ILOOK FUNNY MTHRFCKR!?!?!? Um sorry Hal goodnite

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