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America, Beaten, Down for the Count

New Eastern Outlook

The world knows America is done for. Trump isn’t making America great, he is dancing on the corpse. We could give dates, 9/11 or back in 1913 when America took on an illegal Rothschild central bank. Perhaps it really is 1913 and the America of today, is the result of bleeding that began then.

It is always about debt. When nations take on a central bank, and all central banks are foreign owned, all controlled by the Rothschild family, their institutions crumble, the family, religion, their government, the courts, their media, all are targeted. 

We have seen this time and time again. The reason 9/11 is critical has nothing to do with the endless war sweeping the world it began, proxy armies, phony terror groups and teeming millions of refugees.

For America it announced the largest robbery in history, $10 trillion in assets, enough to buy the entirety of Europe, simply “disappeared.” Only days before 9/11 it was learned that $2.4 trillion was missing from the US military budget alone, according to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. What few know is that the group investigating, in their entirety, were killed on 9/11 during the incident at the Pentagon.

We call it an incident because calling it a terror attack or even an airline crash is unsupportable without throwing away any reason whatsoever.

Then we ask, who does such a thing, who would take down America, destroy their government, collapse their economy as in 2008, and allow a nation to be led by a leader known to be clinically insane? Why do we never name the culprits, who are the “usual suspects?”

Let’s look at what happened in America while the world watched the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, two wars America has technically lost, beyond lost, each alone makes the debacle of Vietnam stand out as a beacon of reason.

By the end of 2007, America’s 5 leading investment banks were bankrupt, having “misplaced” trillions in assets. Most major corporations were the same, broke, hopelessly, to the extent that the Down Jones Industrial Average had to be reconfigured as the leading companies in America were no longer viable.

If you track such things as credit card debt or home values, you see a different story. Between 2008 and 2010, unemployment in America rose to over 10%. Personal savings collapsed and personal debt rose to unimaginable levels while key industries like arms, oil and pharmaceuticals, informally known to have immense power over government, made record profits.

With interest rates dropped to almost nothing by Bush 43, millions of America families sought to protect assets through buying homes that would otherwise be unwise, overlarge, unaffordable, sold on the idea of a ballooning real estate market by media pundits.

By 2008 those homes stood empty. Many million dollar homes had the walls and wiring torn out, plumbing destroyed as angry homeowners packed up and moved in with relatives or simply joined the millions of homeless.

Most homes lost 60% of value across America and those forced to sell took on a lifetime of debt. Similarly, retirement savings typically lost 72%. A million dollar 401k that would return $5000 a month for life based on Clinton era rates and market performance was now only worth a little over $200,000 with an income potential of $200 a month. America’s middle class would work into their mid to late 70’s, with skilled and management retirees sentenced to a decade of menial labor on behalf of the banks that organized the crash.

This, of course pushed the younger generation into military service. With available jobs, and there were few of those, paying well under poverty level, military pay was the highest around with a guarantee of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan year after year.

Was this a plan? Was it known that America’s military would exhaust itself, losing its NCO corps, it best officers, it equipment failings exposed to the Cold War era Soviet weapons America herself spent billions on that now are in the hands of terrorists around the world?

Worse still, is the idea of betrayal. When the Syrian War came into focus, something amazing happened. Washington was forced to accept that not only were the terror groups al Qaeda and ISIS being supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey, but that Israel may have been behind it all.

Worse still, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Israel, assumed to be a “hate/hate” confrontation, now came into focus as well. Saudi Arabia and Israel, it seems, had been cooperating, not since the 1980s but as early as 1970.

Thus, when Saudi Arabia coordinated the OPEC oil embargo on the US, pushing oil price to stratospheric levels, all based on US aid to Israel during the 1973 War, might this well have been coordinated too?

More recently, it has become known that Saudi Arabia had a major role in 9/11. If they have been close to Israel all along, and were one to review issues of 9/11, such as who benefits, it become clear that everything since that day has not only benefitted Saudi Arabia but Israel as well.

In fact it has become clear that almost all world terrorism, the Paris attacks, Boko Haram in Africa, certainly ISIS, all of it, has benefitted Israel and Saudi Arabia as well.

Then might well a hypothesis that interests attributed to the Israeli state more benefit the Rothschild family than Israel itself?

If results are an indicator, Israel faces a unified Syria, Iraq and Iran with powerful Pakistan, Turkey and near-Superpower again, Russia, moving rapidly toward forming a regional power alliance?

Israel is far from secure, everything but, however what does exist is endless trillions in debt, the promise of war for another decade or more, chaos, distrust, balkanization around the world, poverty and disease, the signs are clear. This is the business model of the world’s banking system. This is what is meant by “globalism.”


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9 Responses to America, Beaten, Down for the Count

  1. DL. says:

    Never forget, too, that Israel and Saudi are connected by more than just “cooperation.” The Saudis, the al Saud family, are descended from Jews led by Sabbatai Zvi who converted to Islam–the Donmeh. This might also explain why Turkey is no longer a key ally of either one–Erdogan is the first Turkish leader who is NOT Donmeh (and the Young Turks movement which also caused the genocide of Armenia was led by Mustapha Kemal Attaturk, a Donmeh; and all leaders since until Erdogan were Donmeh).

  2. Katie says:

    “The world knows America is done for.” Hopefully this includes the uStates that knows this.

    “Trump isn’t making America great, he is dancing on the corpse.”
    Bumper sticker time!!!!!

  3. Terry in Dayton, TN. says:

    Obama assaulted America for eight years, and with others who still pistol wipe Her today in an attempt to bring Her down. Should we not give Mr. Trump his first term to at least try to right the wrong done to ‘OUR’ honor, and country? He may have been Rich before he became POTUS, but is still an American. The Kenyan lied and defiled America even before being the first black fake president. A known communist, and closet muslim.

    • Henry Shivley says:

      Your boy Trump, ten minutes after he was inaugurated, signed onto the War Powers Act, which has removed my common law courts and my Bill of rights, in violation of the 9th Article to that Bill of Rights, hence, I am without my rights under Trump, who under the War Powers Act is a dictator.
      Is this all right with you? You will answer this question before you comment any further.

    • Martist says:

      Dear Terry,

      Please try to keep up with reality.

      Factually Today

      • Martist says:

        And MR. TRUMP?!?! You worthless scumbag zionist c**k sucking piece of filthy garbage faggot sob, burn in hell. Mr. Shivley is deserving of such a title as MR.,but that kike shaft sucker chump isn’t worth the sweat off MR. Shivley’s nether regions that is generated from being a f’g patriot. G’d you mf’g filthy useless communist idiot.

        My apologies, Henry and Laura. Sincerely, my apologies, but sometimes I can’t stand apologists for the enemy.

    • Enemy of the State says:

      I can’t get over the amount of people that Think this jaggoff is anything but the next lie burdoned upon us
      So many nut sac lickers , so little time

  4. Peter says:

    Exhibit A …on the One Dollar bill….a Federal Reserve note….Boston has letter A New York has B up to San Francisco central bank is letter L….in total there are 12 American cities….. I did my own research a few years ago and found out the Boston Federal Reserve is 2/3 owned by the RBS aka The Royal Bank of Scotland……Nothing to do with The United States…AND MOST IMPORTANTLY…RBS got bailed out in 2008 by the citizens of the United Kingdom….The taxpayers “across the pond” got just as screwed with “too big to fail” like we did. $21 Trillion debt today….Four Quantitative Easings and it jump started nothing….lowest interest rates for savings ever year after year.

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