3 thoughts on “America Doomed?

  1. We are double-doomed. We don’t even realise that we have relinquished all power and decision making to the zionists. It all started with the coup of 911.

  2. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Especially when he mentions the fact that we will be held accountable because other nations will attack us regardless of our innocence because it is the only desperate way for them to get our government stop this mess. Look at what happened to Japan. The only way to stop them was by dropping a bomb on Hiroshima and they said, “Ok, we give up.” That’s what it will take to stop our country from screwing the world.

    And he is also right about the government doing whatever they can to prevent us from rebelling by taking away our guns and restricting our rights and creating this psychological fear to manipulate everyone.

    So what will it take to stop and end this, I fear we will find out when Russia or China drop a bomb on us in our own backyard. But as I said before, with people like Hitlary Clinton in charge, even then it will only be an excuse for her to make more restrictions, declare martial law and send more troops to war because a bitch like her is our modern day, Terminatrix and WILL NOT STOP until she is six-feet under. Henry, I am not advocating any violence against her, but I am just making a point.

  3. It all started long before that, when the Jews decided to worship Lucifer instead of God.
    The ‘Messiah’ they’re now waiting for is the anti-christ.

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