America, Get Ready for Backdoor Austerity

There are 100 million Americans out of work, 55 million of us living in poverty, and not one politician is speaking a word to us.  We hear many promises being directed at small business and the middle class, which is kind of ironic considering these are the very institutions sitting in the sites of the globalists who aim to destroy both.

With the unconstitutional Obamacare, everyone in the lower to medium middle class has just been hit with a $2600 per year tax, the largest tax increase since the New Deal, said proceeds to be paid directly to the insurance industry.  And now, as planned, the false left-right paradigm will orchestrate an end to the Bush era tax cuts for the working poor and middle class.  Of course this will include the top 1%, but mark my words this day, they will have theirs reinstated by Romney and company.  Then, the soviet socialists will say, “It was those Republicans that heaped the taxes on you, not us.”

This whole bill of goods is being sold as a “showdown” between the one party Republiscums/Demorats.  I cannot believe that our people cannot see what is being orchestrated here.  The enemies of the Republic could not just come right out and institute austerity measures so they put together this scheme, which will assure that all the wealth to settle the debt created by the theft of our $32 trillion will come from the middle class, working poor, and impoverished.

You see we all have to give a little.  The impoverished will have to give up their food stamps.  The working poor will have to give up their food stamps and their child tax credits.  The middle class is going to pay an extra thousand per year in taxes for every child they have and a minimum of a $2600 penalty tax or more if they are somehow able to afford insurance.  And what of small businesses?  Well, they don’t count because they are marked for termination through the taxation and those who own them are destined to join the ranks of the working poor and impoverished.

Of course day by day, week by week, month by month, more and more of our industry and jobs will be removed from the equation and any person who thinks this trend is even going to so much as slow down is a damn fool.

And what of the cities and states going bankrupt?  Well I hear the Chinese are looking for real estate to invest in.

Come on America, how much more are we going to take?  We are starting to look like the biggest cowards on the planet.  I mean it is one thing for a midget to put a whipping on a giant but when that giant is armed, well it is just downright pathetic.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “America, Get Ready for Backdoor Austerity

  1. It look it going to work out just the way hussein want it too! But don`t count us down and out just yet!

  2. the counsel on foreign relations said in 1973 that what they wanted was
    ‘hemispheric economic parity’

    Welcome to the New World Order

  3. Unions no longer can be relied upon, politicians can no longer be relied upon, the constitution can no longer be relied upon. The zionist control of the country is virtually complete as people have no leadership and no laws to protect their God given rights to the liberty and freedom to earn a living and provide for their families.

    The last remaining source of leadership in this country are our church leaders who must stand up and rally. The zionist agenda has been to slowly discredit the church, deflect thought from moral principles, encourage gay rights, promote extreme christian zionism to support their unjust wars and for this precise reason. A people divided are a people conquered.

    Your church leaders are the last refuge from complete totalitarian control.

    Organize, go to your church, speak the truth to your pastors, discuss what they can do. Do not give up.

    Remember it is Thy will be done, that is the PEOPLES PRAYER and not Their will be done. Do not give in, organize within your group.

  4. Funny how it’s always the impoverished and working poor who have to tighten the belt another notch or two. “it’s a big club and you ain’t in it”

  5. “There are 100 million Americans out of work, 55 million of us living in poverty … [with obummerscare] everyone in the lower to medium middle class has just been hit with a $2600 per year tax”
    This is the closest anyone has come to discussing the obummerscare mandated medical insurance scam in light of homelessness/joblessness. Just how will the millions homeless and jobless (who have little money for food) pay for this atrocity? If they cannot pay either the mandated gift to BigPharma/Insurance or the ‘tax’, what happens to them? Is this the beginning of debtor prisons?
    The IRS taxes citizens on “income tax” – since millions are jobless, there is no “income” to “tax”. So since the IRS cannot collect on non-existent “income tax”, it has now become the collection agency for insurance companies, instead?
    This is beyond profoundly absurd.

  6. I wish OsamaCare was going into effect this year. I can’t wait to see how these crooked clowns are going to enforce this. And anybody who would comply with this garbage is not only beneath contempt, they deserve whatever they get.

    And if they are going to continue to try to call this amount a tax, they are going to have so many people shooting legal holes in it that it will look like Swiss cheese. Of course, I’m not about to describe why, since that might alert these traitorous crapweasels. Hopefully, this will bring about a long overdue rebellion. If they are allowed to get away with this, it’s over.

    However, at least 15-20 states or so have already passed legislation stating that it won’t be enforced in their states. However, since it’s not supposed to go into effect until 2014, they better be ready to update their legislation, since I have no doubt at all that these crooks will change certain provisions, based on real-time events. 2014 will be a quite interesting year, if we all aren’t dead after the Zionists goad these criminal blockheads into instigating nuclear war for Israel’s benefit.

  7. As far as the Chinese looking for real estate to invest in, I’ve seen several stories claiming they’ve already been buying up as much as they possibly can.

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