America Is Falling Apart, States Are Expected To Deal With Their Own Problems – The Commie Plan

Trump, being the bullshit artist that he is, ran on one of many lies, one being we will fix America’s infrastructure. As you look around, that is not happening, yes there is a little road work being done, but as far as bridges buildings and waterways its basically crickets.

This is damaging as hell to the American National because as America deteriorates, so does our jobs. There are bridges falling apart in the midwest that when finally determined unsafe and close, traffic will have to be re-routed causing up to a four hour detour for commutes and truck freight routes, this while we have disappearing trillions of dollars.

They have robbed us blind, and now for the big Kahuna.

America is turning into a shit hole, and the corporate communists are sitting back enjoying all of this because they know that they are going to be asked to raise the money through corporate partnerships with other countries turning our infrastructure over to other communist countries, because they have the cash.

States aren’t going to raise taxes because they know we will raise hell, this is the plan. It’s all part of turning America into a communist cesspool.

The jobs are going to be farmed out to temp services while our people starve to death. The corporations will want the best bang for their buck, and that means you and I are screwed.

More jobs going to illegal invaders, basically giving the Americans the shaft, while building a communist state.

This is the elites’ plan, Trump is all in and making fools out of all of us. This is how these commie traitors think, and it’s happening as we speak.

20 thoughts on “America Is Falling Apart, States Are Expected To Deal With Their Own Problems – The Commie Plan

  1. The corporations are being used to turn America into a commie ass country, while at the same time telling the states to take care of their own infrastructure knowing full well they wont. They are counting on the states to use Wall Street to raise the money, through the communists piggy bank. Wall Street, using communists countries cash, opening the fkg door.

    Planned out decades ago…We have to stop it or it over kids….

    All along, wall street has been used to turn America communist, giving only the elitist any equity, cutting out you and I.

    This is how they have done it, right under our goddamn noses.

    1. Yes planned out before 1969. They thought they had it all wrapped up. Could almost brag about it! Still hot on their Agenda and nobody’s stopping them!! TILL NOW!!!! We are in there way and they know it, don’t stop.

  2. “Trump, being the bullshit artist that he is, ran on one of many lies, one being we will fix America’s infrastructure.”

    If I remember correctly (too much bullshit flowing out of DC to remember it all), the Republicans were pushing for a 1 trillion infrastructure bill as part of the next stimulus package. All of the proposed bills are bullshit tailor made to make the corporations richer and American Nationals poorer. The two *coughonebigCommunistcough* parties are putting on their usual horse and pony show to distract Americans from their endgame which as you said is playing out as we speak. Everything from “globalization”, the “Federal Reserve”, GMO’s, climate control, 5G, vaccines, the plandemic/scamdemic, all of it and more is geared towards eliminating most of the human population leaving only young, brainwashed, genetically altered slaves to serve the elite and their progeny (at least until they turn on each other, greed is never satisfied).

      1. The only way to soundly defeat the plans of the elite is to enforce the Bill of Rights as the Supreme Law, which will be accomplished. What I was referring to is their hypothetical wet dream, which even though it will not happen (millions of armed American Nations ensure it won’t), that even in some parallel dimension if they did succeed, they would only turn on themselves. Evil is just that, evil. It is never satisfied.

        1. Which is why they need to be forcibly sent to Antarctica–right around the south pole where there are no penguins, seals, etc.–where they will be forced to eat each other.

  3. Yeah, Mark, all so true. When I see infrastructure crumbling I know we are being thrown under the bus. And our strongest city, New York, is folding. Yeah, I know, fk the rich, but there were others there, too, those who once were the soul of the city, the salt of the earth. Something once so vital is being taken down. All boarded up in many popular places. Are we gonna watch this city-by-city? Looks that way. Seattle, Portland, Chicago, SF, LA, all not lookin’ good. And American Airlines just announced that it will cease flying to certain cities. More travel restrictions. Communism wants us either dead or as slaves. Well, I’m being as ready as I can. Thanks brother, and speaking of “falling apart”… Yesterday on an American Airlines flight…


      1. I had a good time flying to some cool places in the past.I am sad for those who haven’t and didn’t when some European countries were still European countries with their heritage remotely intact, and I realized a while back I am blessed. Those days are over for myself and probably everyone else but I wouldn’t want be somewhere else and miss the kickoff for this fight for the whole mf’g world. It’s good to be in the Trenches. And yeah, insanity.

        1. It coulda been a happy place, earth I mean. Yeah, with some adventure and danger thrown in, and of course some survival struggles. But with the greed-demons out of the way, it really coulda been a mostly happy place. They have taken the jewel and corrupted it into a macabre masked ball. But now it’s one minute to midnight and the great unmasking is about to begin. Europe may never be Europe again, but there and everywhere else will one day have a clear path to not only its freedom but to its happiness. Let it be = Make it be.



        2. Hi Martist
          I remember as a kid, flying with my parents, so exciting and dressed up for the occasion, face plastered against the window until my nose hurt. Yep, fun as hell.

          Now, I’d rather have an anal exam, forgettaboutit..

          Just the bullshit of getting there is enough to make me sick.

          Then upon arrival its commie time…

      2. I bet ,
        My last flight was March 6th
        All went to shit after that
        That was also an international flight
        Can’t even imagine what that’s going to be like when they open it back up , if ever

        Maybe it’s best we all stay put anyways , I wouldn’t miss this war for anything
        Bring it you bastards !!

  4. The cities will burn and in about three days the savages will be eating each other. I feel badly for the few good people that didn’t have the good sense or means to un ass the AO. That said, when they venture out into the country side, they will be fed to the dogs. Good riddance. The tin pot dictators that think they control their county fiefdoms will be given similar treatment. I talk to a lot of full grown real men in the construction, trucking, timber, farming, manufacturing, etc. Industries in my AO in western NC, East Tennesee, and North western South Carolina. I have never seen so many pissed off people ready to fight. These so called powers that be have really stepped on their dick. Every time they tighten the fist of tyranny, they make more soldiers for our side. When the dam breaks, and it will, they will get their ass handed to them. People have had about a belly full of this commie queer bullshit! Just sayin…..

    1. Re: “Every time they tighten the fist of tyranny, they make more soldiers for our side.”

      I love how you put that. That really is lemonade from lemons.



    1. Yep, hes out enjoying his outdoor backyard. Nothing makes him happier.

      No moderation per say, everybody here moderates, they’ve all been here for years. Somebody steps out of line, they get hammered.

      Sometimes Henrys sons watch over things, they see something stupid, that person disappears from the sight.

      I’ll just add, when Henry and Laura are working, ( 7 days a week) they spend countless hours reading comments we never see, thousands have been dealt with.

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