America is No Place for Cowards

The 99ers have disappeared from the radar screen again.  It is indeed funny how we can exist one moment and not the next.  I think our mention in the mainstream news should be considered a proper gage as to how under control they believe they have us.  When we start beating the war drums we appear on every station.  The problem is once they’ve mentioned us we shut up, sit back, and start waiting for results.  I’m afraid that’s not how it works.

All 99ers need to realize that we are under a constant pressure that is pushing us down.  When we push ourselves up the smallest fraction, we are then relaxing and allowing ourselves to be pushed down even further.  Hell, I’ve been hearing talk of relieving us of our right to vote.  If this were to happen, we would truly be disenfranchised and dispossessed.

Excluding the handful that I have personally seen who are ready and willing to do what is necessary to take back that which has been stolen from us, I can honestly say that I would not have believed that so many cowardly people could exist in the United States of America.

Right now there is a big push for legislation to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens.  These invaders from another country have trumped the 99ers and their issues.  And why?  Because they are united.  They vote as a block and if they feel it necessary they are not afraid to go into the streets and kick some ass to get what they want.  And why should they be afraid?  All they’ve got to do is push around some 99ers, take their possessions, and the foe they face will not so much as raise their voice, let alone fight to stop them.

I believe the 99ers were not only chosen to be culled in reference to their age bracket but also to their degree of institutionalization into the system.  As I said earlier, I’ve seen but a handful of 99ers that I would care to count myself among, as the majority seems to be a bunch of whining beggars.  And the sickest part is they are begging for scraps from their own table.

The little town I grew up was, per capita, in 1975 the murder capital of the United States of America.  Life was cheap and to an extent it still is today.  I guess that is why I have a hard time understanding people who live in fear and will not defend themselves.

Well I have news for all the 99ers out there with rubber spines.  Life in this country is going to get cheap very soon and whether you like it or not, you are going to have to stand up and fight or endure watching your children and grandchildren starve to death.

This is not the America of twenty years ago.  This is bordering on Stalin’s Russia or maybe Adolf Hitler’s Germany.  I always wondered about the Jewish people who believed the German propaganda in promising work and food right up until they walked into the gas chambers.  I guess I understand them a little better now, though I have to believe that there were among them individuals who warned, “Don’t listen to them you damn fools, they want to kill you.”

I have been talking about fighting a lot lately, which has caused me to come to the realization that the majority of the people I am trying to communicate with haven’t been in so much as a fist fight in their entire life.

When you are a child and are faced with a confrontation, if you’ve been raised correctly, it is a hard thing to make yourself hurt another person.  Usually it takes becoming so furious that after the deed is done, you don’t even remember what happened.

After you’ve been in a few fights and probably lost them, you start becoming more cold and calculating about the procedure.  And before long you find yourself deliberately calculating your actions to cause the most damage to your foe.  The inner strength it takes to fight a physical fight cannot be conveyed from one person to another.  It is something that has to be learned through experience.

So I guess the question is will the 99ers find a way to gain that experience before they starve or freeze to death.  If I am the only one who fights I will fight as I will not have my grandchildren urinating on my grave and cursing me for a coward.

99ers be advised.  If you are willing to sit in the corner and die, your so called government is going to let you.  They are not going to give you one damn thing as they see you as no threat.  Life is short so if you are willing to go to your graves quietly and without a fight maybe its best that your genes are removed from the gene pool.  America is no place for cowards as the illegals are proving more and more every day.

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  1. I’m a 99er and I feel I’ve been left behind. I’ll join the fight, but I’m here in Hawaii and
    in our state congress there is one Republican. I’m not in any union and they appear to be
    the ones with the ear of the govt.

  2. I agree, and I’m with you, Henry. If we don’t fight back and defend ourselves, we’re going to end up like those people in the picture at the top of this page. The majority of the American people can not, or will not, believe that such a thing could happen in this country. Well, the German and the Jewish people didn’t believe it could happen 70 years ago either. I’ve decided I’m going to go down fighting before I let those assholes put me in any damn camp !

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