America Stop Being Controlled by Weakling Cowards

There seems to be a bizarre push to legitimatize the treason being committed at the highest levels in the US government.  A piece on MSNBC Morning Joe depicted the unconstitutional acts of presidents past and by the time the soviet socialists involved in the conversation were finished, the consensus seemed to be presidents have always violated our Constitution, it is a part of being a president.  The slant seemed to be putting in place the notion that in times of emergency, presidents are forced to do, well, whatever they have to do.

It seems the groundwork is being laid to accommodate some upcoming further violations of our Constitution and of course more eliminations of our individual liberties.  And considering those making the case for treason are the out in the open soviet socialists on MSNBC, I think it would be safe to deduce that the upcoming outrages will be coming from that quarter.

So what do you think?  Is Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the back alley soviet pimp, getting ready to exercise all those new powers he has put into place via the affirmation of unconstitutional legislation and his unconstitutional executive orders?

Hillary Clinton is up front and center with her chest puffed out acting like she’s got a pair and is saying she has become fed up with those punks in Russia and their determination that the United States is not going to conquer any more territory in the Middle East for the Israelis.

How about this Hillary?  Why don’t you take your bad ass over to the Middle East and challenge Vladimir Putin to a cage fight to the death?  You want to act like you are a man, why not step up and show the world how tough you are?

Of course nothing like this is going to happen; Hillary Clinton is just another bull dike who would be helpless without an army of traitors to back her belligerent mouth.

When we reinstate our Republic under our Constitution, we are going to round all these dikes up and put them in the arena; inviting every man who has had one of these wannabe men walk on his rights and allow him to face her, mano e mano.  And that includes all the bull dike judges put on the bench by the soviets in their attempt to demasculate the American male.

Of course no offense meant to the good women of America who are good mothers, sisters, aunts, wives, and daughters, who have worked at the sides of we American men in the building of this country.

God bless this Republic, death to international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

5 thoughts on “America Stop Being Controlled by Weakling Cowards

  1. Hillary wants a pair and Obummer has all the symptoms of a lobotomy from many years ago. We are not supposed to understand that which can not be understood. Obummer can not perceive why anyone would object to his across the board betrayals. Hillary is nuts. Face it. Plumb loco. She gets hot on death and destruction. That is insane. You are not supposed to understand. That is why the CFR picked her and Obama for all the positive promo. They tear up the U.S. for the foreign entity which is the object of adoration of the S&Bs, Freemasons, Council on Foreign Relations, Rhodes Scholars, etc. Leave the people in the dark and feed them crap like Obama and Hillary. 80% of the people that voted for Obama have no idea of what is going on. HAARP, 9/11, oil well in the GoM. Big deal. Their minds are too beautiful to waste time on such blather. Just ask them.

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