America Tearing Itself Apart – White House Criminals Hide Like Rats

America has a useless leadership by design, mainly cowards who hide from the conflict, barking chicken shit orders, relying on American National Guard and military police to separate them from reality. Donald Trump the head chicken shit carnival barker, a useless moron with zero authority, is head of the circus brigade. The man is utterly despicable as a leader, only happy to placate his Jew criminal cabal, nothing else matters. 

The violence across America is happening at a fever pitch now, while the Washington criminals plan their cowardly escape by use of American National Guard and military police as their cover. The destruction and violence has all been planned out, and it’s going to get worse people, not better.

The Corona BS was the perfect vehicle to get it started, millions out of work, a mad as hell public, bent on wreaking havoc, the perfectly planned storm. People, we have been played by punk ass JOO cowards in Washington, all the chemtrails, all the closing of the millions of restaurants, all the job losses is what was necessary for the current situation to be successfully implemented.

The perfect storm, brought on by well paid, out of work eaters, desperate for cash. Trump and his criminal JOO scumbag buddies are just getting started, it’s going to get a lot worse I’m afraid, by design. Be prepared for turned off water supplies and turned off food distribution, we are dealing with JOO loving animals, not human beings.

All of this could have been prevented, but sadly the Bill of Rights was passed over so the JOO loving criminals could have it all.

2 thoughts on “America Tearing Itself Apart – White House Criminals Hide Like Rats

  1. Reinstate the Bill of Rights as initially intended, all of this ends tomorrow and America becomes a paradise.

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