American al-Qaeda terrorist urges attacks on US diplomats


An American al-Qaeda terrorist has called for more attacks on Western diplomats in the Arab world, praising the killers of the US ambassador to Libya on Sept. 11 last year, a US-based monitoring group said on Sunday.

Western nations shut embassies across the Middle East and North Africa early this month, after a warning of a possible terror attack. Many have reopened, and Britain said its Yemen embassy would open on Sunday after being closed for 12 days.  

Adam Gadahn, a California-born convert to Islam with a $1 million US price on his head, appealed to wealthy Muslims to offer terrorists rewards to kill ambassadors in the region, citing bounty set for killing the US ambassador to Yemen, Washington-based SITE monitoring group said.

“These prizes have a great effect in instilling fear in the hearts of our cowardly enemies,” Gadahn said in the 39-minute video recording in Arabic posted on websites used by Islamist terrorists, according to SITE.

“They also encourage hesitant individuals to carry out important and great deeds in the path of Allah,” he said, in an English transcript on SITE.

The Yemen-based branch of al-Qaeda last year offered 3 kg (106 ounces) of gold for the killing of the US ambassador in Sanaa or 5 million rials ($23,350) for an American soldier in the impoverished Arab state.

US ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in Libya’s Benghazi in 2012 when Islamist gunmen attacked the US consulate during a protest by a mob angry over a film they said insulted the Prophet Mohammad.

Gadahn has called for attacks on US diplomats before. In August 2007, he said al-Qaeda would target diplomats and embassies in retaliation for US-led military action in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The FBI has been trying to question Gadahn – believed to be in Pakistan – since 2004 and the US government has offered up to $1 million in cash for information leading to his arrest.,7340,L-4419192,00.html

10 thoughts on “American al-Qaeda terrorist urges attacks on US diplomats

  1. Wait a second, didn’t this guy star in that video that made Benghazi happen? What was it, “The Passion Play of Muslims” or something along those lines. I really enjoy these CIA videos, but I suggest they get some of their Jew Hollywood buddies to spruce them up a bit. Maybe some digital animation of gays, eating Taco Bell and at least one explosion to give it some real pizazz. Where is Spielberg when you need him?

    1. NO, NO, you got it all wrong, it was the “The Passion of the Al-CIAda” produced by Hillary Clinton and directed by Valerie Jarrett. I think it won an oscar for the worst foreign film of the year. lol

  2. Jeez….another week of MSM horsesh!t about exploding titties, CIA’s Johnny Jihad films & Congresscritters whining about no diplomatic security. Too bad they can’t focus on real issues like Corruption, Treason & the murdering of America.

    1. There you go again, BentSpear, complaining about your daily dose of (so-called) ‘government’ issued CIA fearmongering.

      Keep it up, and we’ll increase the dosage.


  3. I say f*** those so called “diplomats”. Their only purpose is to advance the evil that has hijacked our government. Once we take back our republic we’ll have to hang them for complicity when they return anyway.

  4. This is VERY serious. I’m sure we’ll need increased security for ALL politicians. They’re all in grave danger.

    CIAl-Qaeda threats are not to be taken lightly, you know.

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