3 thoughts on “American camp guard recalls how they treated the Germans after the war.

  1. “Miscegenation is worse than Holocaust.”
    – Golda Meyer

    So announced Afshin Rattansi on RT.
    Do all big-time gangsters in Mumbai
    sport a Stalin-like moustache?…
    And they, too, command the highest
    respect, don’t they?…

    Alas, Mr Hitler’s attempt to liberate
    the Soviet communist death camps
    didn’t succeed. And unlike Dachau
    and Auschwitz, where the prisoners
    were found alive and well, when,
    in 1941, the Germans entered the
    NKVD (KGB) dungeons in the city
    of Lviv, in the west of Ukraine
    (that used to be eastern Poland),
    they only found piles of corpses –
    each of them with a bullet
    through the back of his neck.

    So Comrade Stalin, the greatest
    mass murderer of all times, who
    started WW2 along with Mr Hitler,
    gets to be a ‘liberator’, no less,
    while Mr Hitler is being berated
    to this day – in effect, for no other
    reason than his military failure.

    So where is the moral in this
    officially endorsed WW2 fable?…
    In the gutter, that’s where.

    And, of course, all of the paid up
    Talmudic opinion-mongers – from
    the extreme Marxists on the ‘left’
    to the extreme neocons on the
    ‘right’ – always resort to the total
    silence treatment of Mr Hitler’s
    revolutionary ballot-box victory
    over the bloodsucking banksters –
    followed by the greatest ever
    economic miracle and universal
    social harmony that was
    the Third Reich.

    Apart from all other kosher crimes
    against humanity, the perpetual
    bloodsuckers also engage in
    willfully fraudulent labelling
    of all their political opponents –
    “hard-left”, “utopian socialist”,
    “far-right”, “anti-$emitic”, etc.

    And, of course, the Third Reich
    is habitually slapped with most
    of those false labels. In fact,
    compared to the bloodthirsty
    Jew neocon war criminals, a
    National-Socialist such as Mr Hitler –
    at least as far as his social policies
    were concerned – was decidedly
    a middle of the road liberal – well
    to the left of the likes of Trump or
    Dubya Bush – and not too far at all
    from the progressives like Bernie
    Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

    Oh, but didn’t he gas the Jews, one
    hears. In fact, there is no evidence
    to support such politically/criminally-
    motivated kosher claim – not unless
    one accepts at face value the KGB-
    spawned ‘Kabbalistic’ figure of six
    million gassed Jews – a figure that’s
    on record as having been originally
    uttered in 1944 by the notorious
    KGB Jew Izrail ‘Ilya’ Ehrenburg –
    the Soviet ‘Dr Goebbels’.

    And whether Mr Hitler did or
    didn’t gas the Jews – as sure
    as Hell, he did give them their
    I$raHell. Without Mr Hitler’s
    disinviting them from Europe –
    as long intended by the Jew
    Rothschild banksters – and not
    without Comrade Stalin’s post-
    war ‘secret’ connivance – you
    would have never heard of this
    cannibal kosher apartheid with
    its own Nuremberg Laws –
    an inherently criminal regime
    that could have never come into
    existence without hijacking
    another nation’s land (and yet
    another nation’s government) –
    a regime that absolutely depends
    on those legendary “six million
    Jews” having been certifiably
    gassed as its open licence to
    commit horrendous war crimes –
    past, present and future.

    And without I$raHell, you
    would have never heard either
    of 9/11 or Iraq or Afghanistan,
    not to mention the murderous
    Jew attack on the USS Liberty –
    known to have been licensed
    by the Jew-Ess government –
    just like 9/11?…

    However, without the Jew
    Rothschild banksters and
    the Soviet Judo-communists,
    who in 1919 exported their
    Jew terror putsch to Bavaria,
    among lots of other places,
    you would have never heard
    of Mr Hitler, in the first place.

    (Although, Mr Hitler’s role on
    the Jew Rothschild banksters’
    chessboard could have never
    been brought to its scripted
    conclusion without Comrade
    Stalin’s crucial assistance
    in the 1933 German election,
    as well as his low-gutter
    ‘active green-lighting’ of
    the WW2 in 1939.)

    So what was first – the evil nutsy
    chicken or the goody-goody kosher
    egg?… The Satanic egg of Judo-
    communism was incubated by
    the Jew Rothschild banksters.
    And they funded the Nazi Party,
    as well. Oi Vey! Holoko$t!

    “The Jews will not hesitate to plunge
    the whole of Christendom into wars
    and chaos, in order that the earth
    should become the inheritance of
    Israel.” – Bismarck

    “This crafty race has one great principle:
    as long as order prevails, there is nothing
    to be gained.” – Goethe

  2. Many years ago I typed a friend’s autobiography (He was near 80 and had married a few years earlier a Filipino woman with 3 daughters, lived a half-mile from us); during WW2 he went over during D-Day and wound up in Germany when war ended, and he can verify these video stories. He hated what his fellows did to the Germans; he stayed in Germany after getting out of military, learned German, worked there dated a German woman.

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