American Cities In Catastrophic Decline

Powerline – by John Hinderlaker

Rioting continues nightly in Portland. Criminals are arrested, immediately released, and return to the streets. It is hard to see how Portland has a viable future. Likewise with Seattle. A city that cannot maintain order will soon be vacated by normal people who are able to leave, leaving only criminals and those without the means to get away. Minneapolis, with its days of rioting followed by skyrocketing crime and parks turned into tent encampments, is not far behind. Panic is spreading among people who own houses and (worse) condominiums there.

Then there is Chicago, where mass looting took place last night. Thieves struck on Michigan Avenue, the premier shopping venue between the coasts. Andy Ngo, the prime chronicler of contemporary urban catastrophe, has the story in a series of tweets.

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3 thoughts on “American Cities In Catastrophic Decline

  1. Personally, I have always hated any and all cities. Cities are concrete jungles filled with noise, filth, crime, disease, pollution and many other undesirable things. I need nature, trees and grass, open space, fresh air, and peaceful calm and quiet.

  2. A communist wet-dream, and right on time for their global control to go full force, “force” being the operative word.


  3. “Through history, the normal practice has been to shoot looters. Rightly or wrongly, we are no longer willing to do that.”
    Hey, author of this article, what you did was harp on 2 criminal thug gangs; BLM & cops. You’re a pro copper & you’re fine with them, right or wrong, murdering our people. And a person doesn’t have to be looting to be shot.

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