6 thoughts on “American Convicted Felon Everyday Carry (EDC)

  1. Black powder baby, urrrrah…… I’ve got a cool knife Henry gave me, I dont go anywhere without it. Sharp as hell and easy beans to carry . He spent a coons age sharpening it for me, how cool is that!! I dig black powder .45s, they will take your head off.

    That .50 cal powder rifle was awesome.

  2. This is how I look at this predicament

    If you are free ( not incarcerated)
    Than you have every right afforded to man
    You did your time , you paid your price
    All your rights are back intact
    Yes even your Second article
    Writing bad checks is a gdam felony, shit just about everything is these days
    End of fken story

    Every free man has the right to defend his self and family with any weapon he so chooses

    1. I think this man has bounced back beautifully from what was done to him. You’re right about him having “every right afforded to man.” He’s probably aware of that, but this is what he shows the public, and I found what he shared to be quite helpful. I think he’s only showin’ half the pie. He looks smart to me. I noticed what he was “saying-by-not-saying,” especially at the 10:50 mark where he introduces his 1 inch wrench that is definitely “not a weapon.” Ha!! I gotta get me one of those “wrenches.”


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