American Holocaust And The Coming 2020 New World Order

American Holocaust Coming – by Medeea Greere

This post is really for the skeptic, the newbie and just those who have a vague idea but would like something a bit more solid to think about.

The “elite” have been speaking of their precious “New World Order” in one form or another for literally centuries. Scripture declares that there is in fact coming a time, albeit a short time, when the entire world will be under the control of a system of government that makes Orwell’s 1948 seem like a walk in the park.

Are we on the cusp of that time? That is for you to think about and decide for yourself. As for many of us already, the answer is “no”. We are not on the cusp of it, we are living in its infancy. While the structure of the NWO is still being built, global agendas and global laws are being plotted and executed around the world every day, much of which happens in plain view – but the media are not interested, or not allowed to report on what happens outside of the matrix the people are presented with.

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One thought on “American Holocaust And The Coming 2020 New World Order

  1. I heard of this guy about 1 1/2 months ago. He did a video about Adam fro KnowMoreKnows. Telling him he better shut his site down, NOW.
    Anyway, in the comments it appears many people knew this guy puts out satirical information. I don’t know that anyone really knows if this was the guys name or even his real voice or even if he really died.

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