American Medical Association calls for public, private sectors to mandate vaccines

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The American Medical Association (AMA) on Tuesday urged the public and private sectors to mandate COVID-19 vaccinations, saying the move is key to getting control of the pandemic.

The call comes one day after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) fully approved the Pfizer vaccine, a step that is expected to lead more companies to pull the trigger on mandating vaccination for their employees.

The AMA, the country’s leading doctors group, is seeking to speed that process along.

“The simple fact is unless a significant percentage of our population is vaccinated against COVID-19 – we could be stuck fighting this virus for many more months or even years to come,” AMA President Gerald Harmon said in a statement. “Now is the time for the public and private sectors to come together, listen to the science, and mandate vaccination.”

The statement joins stepped-up calls from President Biden, who spoke after the FDA’s approval on Monday and called for employers to mandate vaccines for their workers as well.

“Today I’m calling on more companies in the private sector to step up the vaccine requirements that’ll reach millions more people,” Biden said. “If you’re a business leader, a nonprofit leader, a state or local leader, who has been waiting for full FDA approval to require vaccinations, I call on you now to do that.”

The AMA argued that other steps to simply incentivize vaccination, rather than mandates, have not resulted in the high vaccination rates needed to tame the highly transmissible delta variant.

“These incentives have not gotten us where we need to be,” Harmon said. “With the highly transmissible and more virulent delta variant wreaking havoc and emergency departments once again overwhelmed, physicians and all front-line health care workers need help.”

He added that health care workers “continue today risking our own safety and well-being-putting our families at risk-to treat mostly unvaccinated people afflicted with COVID-19.”

“Help us win this fight, follow science, and end this pandemic by requiring vaccination,” he said.

8 thoughts on “American Medical Association calls for public, private sectors to mandate vaccines

  1. “Help us win this fight, follow science, and end this pandemic by requiring vaccination,”
    This piece of propaganda is ridiculous and anyone who follows it is an idiot. They follow the rhetoric about following science, but they do not actually understand science. Most people who question medical tyranny have done a lot of research and/or are suffering from bad medical advice, and know more than the majority of doctors about the science and dangers of vaccines, (in particular). Doctors don’t even receive training on the effects, risks, ingredients, etc. about vaccines. They are given the schedule and what the proposed “benefit” is. I am appalled at how stupid and easily duped people are, especially those who claim critical thinking. And of course we know there is no health crisis; this BS situation was planned to try and completely dismantle what rights we have left. Furthermore, those of us who ardently oppose vaccines should stop being afraid of the name calling. Call me an anti-vaxxer – I don’t care.

    1. “Call me an anti-vaxxer – I don’t care“

      Right on
      I’ve never taken any vaccine
      My parents didn’t fall for this shit over 58 years ago
      And I ain’t about to start now

      Hell according to “ Them”
      I’m supposed to be dead by now

      1. Good for your parents. Wish I had been that smart. Unfortunately I didn’t learn about medical tyranny and vaccine fraud until several years ago so I was a dutiful slave to the medical system, but no longer! Now you can’t shut me up about it. 🙂

        1. same here
          I worked in the belly of the beast for more than thirty years. It wasn’t until I got out that I saw the beast. I was a victim of the very system I was working in, thinking I was doing good. Yup, operating in ignorance just as so many are still doing

          1. I so understand! I work with another beast (Liberal Arts University), and I am definitely not in the cool club there anymore. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to connect with others and know we aren’t alone!

    2. spot on
      I would add not only are they trying to suppress our unalienable rights but they are trying to murder the mass of us

  2. “Help us win this fight, follow science, and end this pandemic by requiring vaccination,” he said.

    Hey Criminal, we have been following the science you maggot, that’s why we know you are all liars, criminals and have signed your own death warrants to the people that matter!

    You WILL get the fight you are Begging for…..Hope it is and was worth it….you best put out a REAL Zombie Virus (Which you do have by the way), but that will bite you too, huh?

    You will be located no matter where any of you globalist slave scum run to or hide at..

    The climb up the stairs to your rope will be your reward…!

  3. Oh yeah? Well I am calling public/private sectors to understand this, vaccination is attempted murder.

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