American missionary, 27, killed by protected tribesmen on remote island

Daily Mail

An American missionary was killed with arrows shot by protected tribesmen living on a remote Indian island after he arrived there in a bid to convert them to Christianity.

John Allen Chau, 27, of Vancouver, Washington, paid local fishermen to help him get to North Sentinel Island, one of the world’s most isolated regions in India’s Andaman islands.   

Chau took a boat ride with the fishermen before venturing alone in a canoe to where the indigenous people live cut off completely from the outside world.

As soon as he set foot on the island, which is off-limits to visitors, Chau found himself facing a flurry of arrows but he kept walking. The tribe then tied a rope around his neck and dragging his body away, according to fishermen.

But the Sentinelese who killed Chau can’t be prosecuted as contact with them and several tribes on the islands is illegal in a bid to protect their indigenous way of life and shield them from diseases.

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12 thoughts on “American missionary, 27, killed by protected tribesmen on remote island

  1. Now THAT’S a lesson in private property and defiant trespassing. The jw’s and cops should also get a copy of this report.

  2. Guess he didn’t see the signs?
    Much like our government!
    Like don’t tread on me
    No trespassing
    Stay off my lawn
    Your within range
    Like what part of leave us the F alone is so hard for these types to understand?

  3. Just another reason why that bogus doctrine concerning “the rapture” and “Christ will only return after everyone on this planet has heard about Christ and had a chance to accept Christ” is bogus, but the evangelicals preaching this nonsense will continue to preach it. Here’s what I don’t get–why would a preacher who speaks English try to preach to people who have NEVER heard English??? If I wanted to “convert” the Kalahari bushmen, I’d have to speak in CLICKS, something I cannot do.

  4. How come the elites haven’t gone to war with the people of this island yet? Do they not pay taxes? Is there nothing of value for them? I thought the elites wanted to control everyone and everything? How come these people get a free pass? Let’s tell everyone that gold was discovered on that island and see how long they last with bows and arrows.

    In any case, they got more balls than people in any other country, that’s for sure. We should line these people up at our border and see how fast the illegals run the hell back home. They obviously don’t take no shit from anyone.

  5. Every one of our last 5 presidents, including the bitch, should have been left there with a bottle of barbecue sauce tied around their neck.

  6. Maybe “God told” him to “preach about Jesus” on that island as a warning to others wanting to interfere “on behalf of Jesus” NOT to do such a thing? Folks, if God wants the Sentinelese people, hunter-gatherers, to know about Christ, God will find a way to do such a thing. Something evangelicals sometimes forget–God is in control. Bear in mind–God works in mysterious ways, and His Ways are not our ways. Sorry this guy died, but he should have known better. If you’re gonna preach to someone, you better know their language!

  7. I’ve thought that Guantanamo Bay was a great destination for the traitors.
    I’m reconsidering.
    This might a better choice of their ultimate destination.
    A beautiful tropical island.
    Kind of like the prison island Steve “Cool” McQueen was left on in the movie “Papillion”.
    And they should store their fraudulent stolen “filthy lucre” in the same place the prisoner’s stored their money in that movie.
    Hillary would have an advantage to carry her loot vs. the men.
    Like Cheney, Holder, Rumsfeld, G-Dub, Obama, etc. Ad Infinitum.

    It’s a great movie. Watch it if you haven’t ever seen it. I first saw it in a DC suburb at about age 15.
    It wasn’t until several years later that I figured out where they were storing their money.
    I asked my Mom initially, but she became flustered and gave a vague unsatisfactory explanation.
    Hey. It was 1973.
    The first year of forced integration/de-segregation by busing in DC.
    Watch “Remember the Titans”. My school was one of the other schools in that movie.
    Thomas Jefferson High School. There’s an irony somewhere in there.

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