American Nationals Must Stem the Status Quo to Avert One World Slavery

The absolute distraction the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has become is undeniable.  The very idea of socialized healthcare is unconstitutional on its face.  The fact that the international insurance industry created the unconstitutional legislation and has seen their profits double, triple, and quadruple since the enactment thereof is proof positive as to the true intent of the legislation.

Obamacare was designed to provide healthcare subsidies to the third world populations being pumped into the United States for the sole purpose of displacing and seizing the property of American nationals and, since its enactment, the treasonous legislation has been honed through exemptions to the point that nothing is left except the largest tax to be levied upon the middle class since the socialist New Deal that was forced on the American people by the international communist Franklin Delano Roosenfelt.   

Now throw in the secret negations for the implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership, coupled with the insurgent regime’s defiance of the American people’s immigration laws, and you have the march toward one world communism incrementally, yet absolutely, moving forward.

The American people are being accosted by the international communists on hundreds of fronts simultaneously from anti-2nd Article totalitarianism in our schools, to foreigners illegally in our country being rewarded for their felonious activities, to foreign governments dictating the redistribution of America’s wealth to the communist elite around the world.

The communists push their agenda on a hundred fronts.  When they are stopped in one quarter, they shift their resources to another and the agenda moves forward like water flowing downhill, going around each obstacle rather than through.

If the American people are to save this Republic, we must attack the problem at its source, and it is not like we do not know what is at the root.

The international banksters have gained access to the resources that belong to the American people and now, through a system of bribery for acts of treason, they are giving a small portion to the Judas among us who would hand our country over to foreign international interests for the promise that they will prosper in the new world order.  Of course they are as doomed as the rest of us, as there can only be one dictator and all the rest must naturally become enslaved.

We must become determined as individuals to remove all foreigners from our sovereign soil and to arrest, try, and convict the treacherous insurgents from within, noting the absolute reality that those we have charged with protecting our Republic and our rights are the criminals working to subvert and destroy our nation for their one world order masters.

The insurgents are stepping lightly at present, but make no mistake, behind the veil of deliberate confusion, foreign nationals continue to pour into the United States with the full intent of capture and control for the new world order elite who see themselves as gods upon this earth.  There will never be peace and tranquility upon this planet until these self absorbed narcissistic elitists are put down, like the rabid dogs they absolutely are.

One thought on “American Nationals Must Stem the Status Quo to Avert One World Slavery

  1. “It can’t be bargained with.

    It can’t be reasoned with.

    It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear.

    And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

    Or ‘it’ is.

    Good post, Henry. 🙂

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