American Nationals Must Stop Debating with the Communists

2nd amendmentLast week we saw an all out propaganda push put forth by the communist insurgency to force new deep reaching infringements upon our 2nd Article, with the end goal clearly being universal registration to be followed by universal confiscation.  The communists’ tag line is gun safety, which is about as open a term as the sleazy attorneys could come up with.

So what is gun safety?  Well if you listen to our enemies, it is every communist armed to the teeth with every American national disarmed absolute.  You see they support the 2nd Article, or so they say and dare any to disagree, that the black uniformed thugs should be armed while their victims should be disarmed.  If there is something different being said here, I for one would like to know what it is.  

Just ask any one of these communists, should there be any limitation as to the extent that the insurgent government is armed and they will tell you absolutely not.  Armored personnel carriers, tanks, whatever they desire, as the government thugs have an absolute self proclaimed right to be grossly superior in armament to the lowly American nationals.

They will admit that their ultimate goal is to completely disarm the American people, yet at the same time tout their support for the 2nd Article and point as their proof to the armed police state, which the 2nd Article was put into place to insure that the people could defend themselves against.

Our Bill of Rights was never open to discussion with our lowly employees and it was the ignorant among us who first entered into the conversation.  Now those of us who will not give have had to step in to declare that the talking is over and to inform the international socialist soviet insurgency that we are going to remove them and their million and one infringements from the past upon our rights.

We are, as individuals, self governing and about 40 million of those governments have already declared war and this war will not end until our Bill of Rights is recognized as the absolute law of our land.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “American Nationals Must Stop Debating with the Communists

  1. I’ll see you at the victory party, Henry. We have to hoist a few beers together because we seem to agree on everything.

    I’ve changed my debate tactics. Instead of spreading information and trying to convince people of anything I just bury them in verbal abuse.

    Try this:
    “I can’t discuss politics with you because you’re a brainwashed idiot who’s thoughts have been programmed by the media, but if you can keep your mouth shut for about an hour, and keep your ridiculous opinions to yourself, I”ll be happy to educate you.”

    If they don’t agree to that, don’t talk to them anymore, because they’ll only participate in conversations that allow them to remain in their media-created fantasy world, so don’t waste your time. Stop talking to them altogether, because they’re choosing ignorance, and by doing so, they’re choosing to work for the enemy.

    By begging them to listen you’re taking a subservient position. By verbally abusing them you’re the dominant party in the conversation, and that will have a greater effect on their likelihood of accepting the truth.

  2. Shively, bubulah, where have you been all these years?

    Since the 1980s, the U.S. and the Free World, has been, not only debating with the Communists, but doing business with them:
    Communist China!

  3. I got into a knock down dragout fight (figuratively speaking) here at Starbucks last week with a couple of sheeple, over, of all things, one of the most obvious false flags ever – 9/11.

    I’m seriously considering foregoing conversation with sheeple at all anymore.

    Good article, Henry.

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