American Nationals – Our Enemies Have Many Faces

The movement for the people’s Bill of Rights in the United States is literally exploding in direct coalition with the communist insurgency’s attempt at asserting absolute power over our people and our property.  The potential has always been there but it has taken real pain to motivate our people into acting for their best interests.

With this explosion and the millions of new people prepping and forming into militias, we are witnessing understandable friction within the ranks of those who consider this blooming tragedy to be a personal possession, a resource that they have grasped onto, some for the procurement of material wealth and others to feed nothing more than their own vanity.  

In the first category, there are a handful who have built fortunes in pretending to offer leadership.  The problem with them is they actually serve the enemy as they slow down the individual transformation from sheep to warrior because they want that transformation to be a long and arduous affair wherein they are making a profit every step of the way.

In the second category, you have a mix of fanatics and self-absorbed nobodies who are only somebody to the small groups around them that they have been manipulating to their far flung ideas on achieving justice through collectives, both national and international, which are controlled by our enemy.

Both sects find the mass organizing of individual resisters unacceptable, as their own importance is diminished as a part of the equation.  Both sects, having been chided by the necessity to move on, actually hate the idea of individuals stepping up and declaring themselves, as the more that do, the less significant the act is as it becomes the norm.  And once you have committed your life to a cause, the fanatic becomes insignificant and the merchant selling you the step by step procedure becomes unnecessary.

In building From the Trenches, it was expected that the communist enemy would do everything they possibly could to cause us harm.  What was not foreseen were the attacks that were to come from those posing as leaders in the movement.  Again, the merchants and the mental midgets, who I believe have become institutionalized into the misery, fear the day that it is no longer there to keep them company and they as individuals are forced to take the next step.  In short, they have come to need the tyranny because it is the only thing that is certain in their lives.

The belief here at From the Trenches is simple.  All American nationals of the American race will put every difference aside.  We will be united as brothers and sisters under our common Bill of Rights with the goal of seeing those rights enforced absolute.  And it is my personal belief that when we do accomplish this task, we will find that among true American nationals, our differences are so minute as to be insignificant, so long as our rights are being enforced.

This is the simple solution and if there is an argument against it, it would have to come from the enemy because to argue against the solution is to argue against the Bill of Rights, which is absolute.

And for the other element out there previously mentioned, to under any pretense attack any American national who is fighting to implement the solution, this is an act of treason as you aid the enemy.  This protection for the individual put in place by the actions of the individual does not apply to those who vary from the solution by suggesting that the solution can be reached through any kind of compromise in any form with the elements that make up the enemy camp.  This includes covering up for elements within the enemy camp by refusing to identify them as such.  And doing such wantonly is again an open act of sedition and treason as it serves the cause of the enemy.

We have real leaders speaking out for us today and in fact have had them for a very long time.  The problem has been the lack of numbers to push out the bull-shitters and profiteers, as these two elements will attack a patriot as fast as a Bolshevik will.

We will be seeing more of the merchants and imbeciles becoming nastier and nastier as our cause blooms into fruition.  You will know them because when they attack, it will be through a third party knife in the back with a total disregard for your service in implementing the solution without deviation.

You see these miscreants, pretending to be patriots, suffer from the ultimate character flaw as they are cowardly to a fault.  When you tell them you do not want to follow their program because it has failed for the past thirty years, and that you intend to cut to the chase and implement the simple solution, which is absolute and if applied cannot fail, they see you do not need their expertise in bullshit any further, so they hate you and want to destroy you.  And if the movement is destroyed as a consequence, oh well.  Then they can turn around and blame the rest of us for not following the path they had laid out for us because we failed to understand it as they understood it.

Tune in to the Intelligence Report and listen to Mark Koernke.  This will help you hold the course and brush off the miscreants as Mark is providing a steady vessel in thought to carry us to the next stage.

And when the time comes, we will punish these self absorbed megalomaniacs who would see us all destroyed to feed their own vanity or their own wallet.  Past this, when it comes to the matter of life and death, do not look for your leaders until the fighting has begun.  Then, in keeping it simple and logical, follow those who kill the enemy while preserving the lives of their men and reject those who would throw your life away as a consequence of their Napoleon complex.

At any rate, the movement is gaining more momentum every day, so in a variation of the words of Old Hickory, up the aggression level, “Speak loudly and carry a big stick.”

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “American Nationals – Our Enemies Have Many Faces

  1. Henry,
    These same folks you are talking about are now planning an “American Spring” in May. They do this every year. It is lead by people who are retired and can go anywhere to protest because their check from the fed is always in the mail. They try to get millions to go to DC every year and it ends up being a couple thousand, maybe. Then, when they don’t reach their expected number they complain that no one is a Patriot, because they didn’t go to DC UNARMED. Every time they do this protest BS in DC, they say the same thing. “We will go and stand there UNARMED and PEACEFUL, until THEY give in to their demands”. Nothing ever changes. They love Glenn Beck and General Valley, who constantly beg for your hard earned money, so they can have more and you less.This happens every year and they have not learned that an unarmed, peaceful group of folks standing around in DC, never works, thus it gives the movement to restore our Bill of Rights a bad name. They do not talk of a real revolution. They do not train for the fight. They only speak of peaceful resistance and holding up signs. They still think that teddy cruz will save them. I think they mean well, but they have drank the Palin, Cruz, Kool-Aid.

    1. Yes Bulldog, it also wouldn`t suprise me one bit if the govt. didn`t have people getting paid to start walking through these sign carrying people spraying different viruses to make us sick or something just to see how effective they were – the people wouldn`t even know they were infected by something like that untill it was too late. Remember when they did that back in the 50`s and 60`s – and probobly even to this day – to see how effective different viruses/chemicals would be spread in the subways and other different places. NY, San Franciso, and Seatle comes to mind when they did that. Remember hearing about that?

    2. Yep, you said it, Bulldog. I commented similar things on that article yesterday. If you are backing Cruz and Paul, you have just committed the very act of sedition and treason that you are fighting against.

  2. I hate to say that Henry’s always right, but I can’t remember a time when he was wrong. There are a lot of people who are part of the problem that pretend to be part of the solution, and that’s why the concepts of “individualism” and “leaderless resistance” are important.

    In addition to gathering valuable info from Mark & Don on the Intel report, Henry & J.D. provide a good analysis of current events, and how these events are affecting our Constitutional rights on TWFFT radio show. Between both shows you’ll be kept up to speed without being deceived by propagandists and profiteers, which are prevalent throughout the movement, if they’re not the majority of the movement.

  3. Henry,

    You said:

    “The belief here at From the Trenches is simple. All American nationals of the American race will put every difference aside. We will be united as brothers and sisters under our common Bill of Rights with the goal of seeing those rights enforced absolute. And it is my personal belief that when we do accomplish this task, we will find that among true American nationals, our differences are so minute as to be insignificant, so long as our rights are being enforced.”

    Bravo! and well said!!

  4. Henry, your message is clear, the battle is for the hearts and minds of the American Nationals. Those who seek to gain wealth or power and take advantage of their position in a popular movement deserve neither our trust or attention.

  5. Having put up with the psycho megalomaniac Rick “Republic of Texas” McLaren, who talked the talk but when I was about to get put in jail when I was breastfeeding my 8 month old daughter refused to be at my side to walk the walk, I fully agree with everything you wrote! From Rand “I betrayed my dad for Mitt Romney” Paul to Israel-Firster Valleley and his Zio-friends to Alex Jones and that idiot who tried to march a million gun toters only to give up at the bridge into DC, these poseurs must not be allowed to lead We the People!

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