21 thoughts on “American police officers message to Canadian police re: TRUCKER CONVOY

  1. Thank you. Well said. Seems in the political arena that integrity is a lost world as the take down of True Democracy around the world which USA was founded.

    1. You’re a f-king idiot.

      “True Democracy around the world which USA was founded.”?

      “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” – John Adams

      And this is from a scum sucking aristocrat whose first words after the surrender at Yorktown were, “Let’s name a king.”

      Tell you what, you sleazy communist piece of shit, the absolute ratified law of December 15, 1791, which is the common law of the united states of America, ratified by we the people, forbids your f-king democracy, as the Bill of Rights is the supreme law based on the superior jurisdiction of the INDIVIDUAL, which makes democracy unlawful, an act of treason and sedition. Every communist in this country is guilty of a hanging crime against every individual in this country and you mother f-kers are going to see justice under our law. So shove that up your collective ass, you f-king lowlife treasonous piece of pig shit.
      Get the f-k off our site and don’t ever come back, communist shill.

  2. If you are still wearing the costume, your still part of the problem

    and why should anyone listen to you and believe you truly feel this way ?…as tomorrow you will probably be enforcing some stupid rule and not common law , as you extort your own countrymen ( and women too) all for the government and union paycheck ,, disgusting human garbage , void of integrity


    1. I discovered the Trenches on May 30, 2019. You are right, Bill of Rights. I love what I have learned about the supreme, superior law of the land, Dec. 15, 1791, listening carefully to Henry every broadcast since. The truck convoy idea began with a couple in a camper with the idea of restoring our law in Ottawa. Their movement, which they called Canada Unity, grew too big and fb shut it down. A month or so later, here comes the Freedom Convoy. Their fb page is HUGE. What began as an idea to solve a Canadian problem was hijacked by the Masons and turned into the mess we are stuck with now. All we wanted was to restore OUR law. They changed the message to “end the mandates” and re-directed it from Ottawa to Toronto, then to the international border where I live as I watch the people who fell for it, playing right into the hands of the enemy. You are right. Our country has fallen. I have never owned a gun in my life because I have never, until today, felt the need to have one. Maybe the closet gun owners will come out and prove the sleeping bear poked one too many times, to be true. Otherwise, I tried warning everyone I could about what is coming, as they all wore their face diapers. I went through 2 years of being laughed at and ridiculed as a wing nut conspiracy theorist as I refused to comply with their bullshit. I don’t think they are laughing now. I feel what you are saying. I have given up on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It ain’t worth the paper it is written on. One of the men who wrote it is taking the government to court. He can’t win. No one who has ever challenged the government with a major crime, has ever won. It is not possible. The you-know-who-ish lobby makes sure of that. I am clinging to the best law of freedom ever written. Alone. Here with you, Henry and the Trenchers.

      1. We really feel your pain as we are feeling our pain. Sorry to be so harsh with words, You know what we our all up against and I believe American Nationals need to get off there asses and show the rest of the world. Just because we have a true Bill of Rights!! Solidify our borders and start kicking asses and take thier names later!!!!!! We know your our neighbors… We’ll be watchin and hoping you people will show us as well!! Thanks Sister

        1. Bill of Rights, your kind comment brought tears to my eyes. Salty tears and snot running over and through my face. Sometimes I need to laugh at this mess, and sometimes, in a moment like this, I need to cry. In response to a reply from Henry, to one of my comments regarding funding, he was concerned about how the money would be used. We have a grass roots news paper called Druthers which is reporting the truth. It is growing fast! They have begun an initiative to hire the truckers stranded outside of Ottawa to do deliveries into the city. Here is the link to their initiative. https://donorbox.org/druthers-truckers?fbclid=IwAR3vrhlPHAHv83j5PEcG8oF1P0vCkAKyzO3VQTyg7oGmhaRx5-0kmM31zBk

          1. I just hired a trucker to deliver a copy of Druthers to Trudeau. Druthers is an independent news paper by and for the People. It is the TRUTH. The bear is on the move and clearing the way for its last resort. Once all peaceful and lawful means are exhausted and the emperor is seen to have no clothes by EVERYONE, and his thugs continue with the bullshit and abuse, this is when the closet gun owners will be 100% justified to come at them with lethal force.

          2. I don’t think you’ve quite got what I was saying. Using the money to hire the truckers is putting a bandaid on a bullet wound. Now let’s think real hard. What could we have bought with that money that might just put an end to this shit? It is going to have to happen before these tyrants are backed down.
            Just a thought.

  4. Henry, like you said, they can buy more guns if they can find any, or they can use their creative resources to make their own. They won’t let that be known until the first one goes off. We shove the truth under the enemy’s nose and when they turn their nose up at it, we come at them with the last resort. Lethal and 100% justified. If the American truckers could do this with the American Bill of Rights which is backed by guns, in Washington, DC, would that get the party started?

    1. No, they cannot, because just like in Canada, as soon as it started the scammers and hijackers would move in just like buzzards on a dead carcass.
      We are just going to have to have the cajones to stand as individuals in the beginning until it becomes clear who is fighting this war and who is trying to hijack it and infiltrate any who try to organize. It is going to be a hard fight out the gate, but if we have the moxie like our true forefathers who stood up at Lexington and Concorde, we will not feel like sheep, each one trying to get closer to the center of the herd as the wolf takes his prey from the fringes.
      There is no movement that is going to work. Your enemy controls the system from top to bottom. The only one he cannot control is you as an individual and it is as individuals that we will have to begin the hot war in order to lessen our casualties that will be a direct result of the thirty years of a con job that muddied the waters.
      Every one has to be on the same page with the same goal, and on that page are ten articles of absolute ratified law which must be enforced absolutely. These so called movements aren’t even on the same plain as the reality we face.

      1. Henry, as you were composing your reply, my thought processes were grinding out the realization that even a newspaper, by, of and for the people would only work to a small extent because even though the hard working reporters who froze their butts off to get the stories of the quarantine centres out to us, gave their all to shut the quarantine hotels down, other stories would be printed which would continue the covid narrative with doctors who seem credible, pushing the lie that it exists, which we know, it does not. The Canadians really have been working hard to get the truth out, but many are still deceived. There really is at least 155 years for us, of indoctrination to be undone, about who we are, as free individuals in an enslaved world. Had I not found you 3 years ago, my understanding of this would not be as clear as it has become. As you have seen in my comments, crystal clarity is what I need to attain. Today, I was like beach glass dried in the sun. The waters of the only law of freedom ever written have to wash over me every day so I can see through the dry roughness of everything else.

  5. Uh oh! I’m getting ready for a hard and heavy tongue lashing in today’s broadcast. I got fooled again! Peaceful protest, hall pass. Crap! I hate it when I f***k up like that!

    I would at least call this initiative the Druthers Truckers of Truth, which in the end, will destroy them. Too bad we don’t know if or when the Canadian closet gun owners will come out to back it with deadly force, like the well armed Americans are ready to do. I would love to see, not only a copy of the BoR stapled to their foreheads when the time comes, it would be heavenly to see a copy of Druthers attached to it. Both papers of, by and for the People!

  6. Talking to me in that uniform, that represents oppression of our law and people, is stupid.
    You best take a look in the mirror and realize what you are and are doing! YOU are a VIOLATION to our law & rights.

  7. Our police in Canada chose their jobs to serve and protect us under the Law, which is based on the American Bill of Rights. What this Canadian police officer, who immigrated to Canada for freedom, had to say, brought tears to my eyes as she highlighted our rights, which are also written in the American Bill of Rights. The police are making videos imploring their fellow officers to uphold the law. I am hopeful that those who do, will become instrumental in holding the criminals who have done this to us, and also to them, accountable. https://youtu.be/nd-NXYR2He8

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