Americans: It Will Not Stop Until We Make It Stop

Bitchute by Wardo-Rants on January 26th, 2020.

The Border invasion continues with a new large caravan heading this way ..
The Bill of Rights continue to be shredded
The American People’s resources continue to be plundered
and still not a shot fired.
AIPAC operates in the US unlawfully under the FARA act.
Under the Emoluments clause or the original 13th Amendment,
every member of congress, or even the POTUS that has excepted monies or any other gift
of any kind from a foreign principal would be guilty of treason and by law would be stripped of their US citizenship.
Or, should be hung until they are dead.
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2 thoughts on “Americans: It Will Not Stop Until We Make It Stop

    1. Yeah, this guy rocks, thank god… This is what it’s going to take. He admires our site as well, great comaradery.

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