Americans surrendering their assault weapons

Americans surrendering their assault weapons from Henry Shivley on Vimeo.

Imagine if you will a little log cabin deep in the American frontier, the nearest secure town is a hundred fifty miles away, the nearest neighbor, ten miles away.

A man and his wife and two toddlers realize they are surrounded by a war party of two hundred Indians.  They have locked themselves in their cabin.  They have firing slits cut for windows.  They have two flintlock rifles.  The man has a hatchet and a big knife.

The man and the woman know there is no chance of survival, they are dead.  And sure enough, they are killed, their bodies dismembered, their toddlers cut up and put in the stew pot.

But you know what?  There are five dead Indians laying out in the yard and four more in the cabin.

So why did they bother?  I’ll tell you why.  It’s called tenacity.  A real American spine is made of tenacity.  That is how we conquered a continent.  We are notorious for selling our lives dearly.

I tell you people, it is time to find our tenacity.  Enough is enough.  And if you turn over your firearms to these sons of bitches, you acquiesce to slaughter without consequence to your enemy.  Think about it.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

35 thoughts on “Americans surrendering their assault weapons

  1. LMAO

    Sometimes the truth is funny!

    Brilliant Henry, I see you haven’t lost your touch!

    Even a 5 year old can figure this one out..

  2. Great song!

    Just added to my playlist, forgot all about this one!


    1. Thanks, Mark. Taking it slow.
      I don’t have the tolerance for pain that Randy had. I Want DRUGS!!! LOL
      (Unfortunately, I don’t have any.)

        1. Spanking? I wouldn’t try it. LOL
          Seriously though…the VA’s generic Ibuprofen and generic BenGay ain’t hacking it.
          I’m taking it slow and easy. Sucking it up and toughing it out.
          I think the swelling must be going down inside because I’m feeling a lot of clicking and popping around going on. Moving is getting a bit easier. Sneezing and coughing still makes me almost blackout. Colloidal silver helped a lot. The big concern in the beginning was infection and/or pneumonia due to shallow breathing causing mucus/fluid build up in the lungs. They told me I HAD to cough it out (AGONY). The silver nipped that in the bud.

          1. Ibuprofen should help some with the bruised ribs (it did help me some) since it’s at least partially inflammation. Not so much for the cracked one, though. Don’t sneeze.

            Just had the power knocked out here for about 20 mins. Damn hail! (wind, too)

  3. Late one night as I came home
    And saw the front door broken in
    I grabbed my piece and went inside
    To see who lurks within
    There we stood face to face
    My gun, the thief, and I
    Man you should have seen him run
    When I cocked that .45

    Disarmed our rights will disappear
    We won’t let it happen here

    Its one of my rights as a free man
    To protect my home when needed
    I demand my right to bear arms
    Its one of my rights as a free man
    To protect my home when needed
    I demand my right to bear arms

    The government makes the gun laws
    So they can take our right to own
    Every citizen un-armed
    Is a citizen they control
    All they see are weapons
    It’s the only thing they know
    Disarm the voting country-men
    And society will fall

    You’ll never take our guns away
    In return for tyranny


    The people have spoken
    We won’t let it happen
    We won’t let it happen here

    1. Axes flash, broadsword swing,
      Shining armour’s piercing ring
      Horses run with a polished shield,
      Fight Those Bastards till They Yield
      Midnight mare and blood red roan,
      Fight to Keep this Land Your Own
      Sound the horn and call the cry,
      How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

      Follow orders as you’re told,
      Make Their Yellow Blood Run Cold
      Fight until you die or drop,
      A Force Like Ours is Hard to Stop
      Close your mind to stress and pain,
      Fight till You’re No Longer Sane
      Let not a one damn cur pass by,
      How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

      Guard your women and children well,
      Send These Bastards Back to Hell
      We’ll teach them the ways of war,
      They Won’t Come Here Any More
      Use your shield and use your head,
      Fight till Every One is Dead
      Raise the flag up to the sky,
      How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

      Dawn has broke, the time has come,
      Move Your Feet to a Marching Drum
      We’ll win the war and pay the toll,
      We’ll Fight as One in Heart and Soul
      Midnight mare and blood red roan,
      Fight to Keep this Land Your Own
      Sound the horn and call the cry,
      How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

      (first verse)

      How Many of Them Can We Make Die!
      How Many of Them Can We Make Die!

      1. “….On the right side, the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th ribs are cracked. The 8th rib is broken…..”

        I think you should try to avoid moving as much as is possible, and I don’t think you should try the bourbon approach because being a little tipsy will cause you to let your guard down as far as protecting the cracked ribs is concerned, and that can cause further injury, or lengthen your recovery time.

        Just sit tight, and give ’em some time to heal.

        1. Agreed. However, I have to move some. No choice in the matter. Alone now and some chores must be done regardless of my condition. 🙁
          Taking it slow and careful.
          Having a couple of shots earlier this afternoon, when I was hurting really badly, helped a lot. (Thought it was funny that Mark would suggest it, as I already had) Was told not to lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk. LMAO Each of the two front doors entering this Bldg. are heavier than that. As well as the lids to the stupid metal box containers that they put the trash and recycling trash cans in that are in front of the Bldg. (By law, we must separate paper, metal/glass & trash) Just taking out the garbage was a MF. I needed a shot and an ice pack after just doing that. LOL

  4. I don’t think you’re going to see very many people surrendering them, because everyone knows what’s at stake here. Give up you guns this week and you’ll only be killed next week.

    What happened to Josey Wales’ crew is not just for the movies; it happens every time people give up their guns.

  5. The people that surrender their weapons.

    Are the people that shouldn’t have them anyway.

    Because they’re the dkheads that will turn on you in a firefight.

    The people that are aware….

    Aren’t giving up sht.

    In fact they’re buying more.

  6. If we have another Big war, Don’t be surprised the government doesn’t ask people to turn in their guns and their web gear to help the war effort. Then after everyone leaves all the gear and guns will be destroyed. They will claim the guns and gear don’t meet government standards.
    During WWII a call was made to send guns to Britain to help them defend their land. Over 1 million rifles were sent over seas on the promise they would be returned after the war.
    Well after the war both the USA and British governments destroyed every rifle we sent those people. Claimed it was too expensive to send the guns back to their rightful owners. We saved their asses and they destroyed our guns.
    I say never again. Don’t trust any government that wants your guns, for any reason

  7. This is it, Henry. This is where you’ve been trying to take us, where we need to get to if we’re not there already – and I know some are. Your story is a perfect example of not surrendering, of going down fighting, of taking some of the enemy down with us. There’ll be that many less for the next man to take down. And courage will spread ’cause we know life ain’t worth livin’ as slaves. The story made it real tangible for me. Thank you, Henry.


  8. “Don’t ask for guarantees. And don’t look to be saved in any one thing, person, machine, or library. Do your own bit of saving, and if you drown, at least die knowing you were headed for the shore.”
    — Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451


  9. The Liberals have made it very clear they hate us and want us dead. They want war. When and not if civil war comes, it will be entirely their fault. They refused to leave us alone. They are evil rabid fanatics in the desire to control, dominate and micromanage every aspect of our lives.

    “I will not make any deals with you [Liberals]….I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered! My life is my own (actually it belongs to Jesus the Messiah)”
    -slightly modified quote from Number 6, from the series The Prisoner

    True they just may/will take our guns from our cold dead hands. BUT, it will come at a cost, as we will take as many of those evil monsters with us. All I want is to be left alone. I have zero desire to control anyone else. Fixing my own follies, is more than enough to keep me busy, with no time to go out to make others live the way I want them to.

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