Americans View ISIS As Their Greatest Threat

EcoIntersect – by Niall McCarthy

The Islamic State is seen as the gravest threat to the United States, according to a new poll from Gallup.

The group released its latest horror video at the weekend, showing the mass beheading of 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya. The gruesome images have suggested that Isis is expanding its reach into North Africa, far from its current battlegrounds and havens in Iraq and Syria. Egypt carried out airstrikes in response to the beheadings.  

84 percent of people in the US consider the Islamic State and international terrorism in general the most critical threats to American security. Iran’s nuclear ambitions and North Korea’s military strength follow with 77 and 64 percent respectively. The conflict between Ukraine and Russian-backed rebels has strained relations between Washington and Moscow in recent months, but nevertheless, tensions with Russia are lower on Americans’ list of potential threats.

Percentage of people in the United States considering the following a critical/important threat.

Infographic: Americans View ISIS As Their Greatest Threat | Statista


7 thoughts on “Americans View ISIS As Their Greatest Threat

  1. So, truth be told, Americans are afraid of a group of terrorists that the U.S. created, organized, and funded. What more gullible, distracted, and hypnotized population exists in the world?

    1. Amen!
      But to add to that,
      The biggest threat to the US and the principals it was founded on and that many of us grew up believing in resides in GOVERNMENT!
      We need government, but we need and desire REPRESENTIVE government,
      Not this bastardized crap we have that is basicly a bunch of career theives and petty tyrants!

  2. Americans view ISIS as their greatest threat? Who the hell is this author kidding?

    Funny how the author doesn’t even bother to ask if people think the US government is a threat. Last time I checked they viewed the foreign insurgents occupying our government offices in DC as our greatest threat.

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