Americans Will Soon See More US Military Members In Turbans, Beards & Hijabs

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

Americans could soon begin seeing the unusual sight of US military service members walking around in Islamic hijab and other religious garb like turbans.

This after the United States Air Force dramatically changed its dress code policy last month to allow airmen to wear religious apparel so long as it presents an overall “professional and well-groomed appearance.”

According to the newest update to the “Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel” code, material used for religious headwear must fit the assigned uniform color, including camouflage.

Furthermore, beards will be allowed for religious reasons. Individual members must request permission for unshorn hair and facial hair, but upon exceeding two inches the regulations call for it to be “rolled and/or or tied” to meet the new standards.

US Air Force adherents to the Muslim and Sikh faiths are those most likely to take advantage of the loosening uniform changes — the latter which are now also authorized to wear under-turbans or patkas even in indoor areas (where headwear is typically removed).

But a couple of military members identifying with “Norse Heathen faiths” have already stepped up to claim a religious exemption for their beards, as The Air Force Times explains:

Airman 1st Class Harpreetinder Singh Bajwa in June 2019 became the first active-duty Sikh airman allowed to wear a turban, beard and long hair, which Sikhs tie in a bun and then cover with the turban.

And at least two airmen who follow the Norse Heathen, or pagan, faiths have been granted permission to wear a beard.

The new uniform regulations note, however, that the individual’s chain of command can order the removal of religious headgear in various circumstances if it “furthers a compelling governmental interest.”

One example would be for exercises involving the necessity of donning a chemical/biological gas mask, which must fit snuggly over the head.

For years the US armed services resisted such religious accommodation, emphasizing standard “clean cut” uniformity and appearance across the board — but various “religious freedom” lawsuits were recently brought by the ACLU, which began to drive limited policy changes.

See pics here:

24 thoughts on “Americans Will Soon See More US Military Members In Turbans, Beards & Hijabs

  1. These people do not have allegiance to America nor to our Law. I don’t care what uniform the traitor wears……they all bleed
    but of course this is more D&C psyop

  2. More cannon fodder from a different mother

    We’re all expendable , more so if you play on their chess board

    No allegiance
    Probably don’t even know what the supreme law of our country is
    How the F can they even take the oath
    Which at this point seems to be a joke to all of those “serving” –

  3. No kippas? Of course not….kippa wearers would rather serve in the IDF, right? Where they can really be cowards! I mean, they can’t serve goyim, now can they….

  4. Unpopular opinion alert, what does ones religious beliefs have to do with being an American national? Do the bill of rights that we revere not specifically cover the right to religious beliefs? Over many years we’ve been trained to see those beards hijabs and turbans as anti American, which is absurd, considering the dominant religion in America is a middle eastern origin religion and the most revered man of that religion is a bearded son of a hijab wearing woman. Bottom line to me is, what one wears or believes in is their right, because I believe in people’s rights. My issue is not what they wear in their “service” but their serving the Zionist war machine that is forefront and instrumental in the Zionists world order.

    1. Well, this is a rare occurrence as I find myself in disagreement with you, brother.
      If I moved to Iran it would be by law that my wife would wear a hijab and I would assimilate into their culture, which is governed by Sharia law where I would be punished for not doing so.
      Everyone has an absolute right to their private beliefs, but when you come to the united States of the Americas as an immigrant, not that we American nationals have ever given any such permission for anyone to come to our country and take what is ours without due process of law, but the idea is if you do come you will assimilate and that is not what I am seeing.
      There is now a county in Michigan operating under Sharia law, which is an absolute violation of the supreme ratified law of this land. It seems every country wants to come into the United States and make a part of my country their country and have me assimilate to them rather than the other way around.
      In the first place, these are corporate mercenaries and I don’t give a f-k what kind of clothes they are wearing or if they have beards. They are criminals in violation of the laws of my people.
      And as for these counties enacting Sharia law within the boundaries of these united States of the Americas, they are going to be utterly destroyed.
      If wearing a turban and a beard is a requirement of your personal beliefs, that is your right to do so in your castle, but when you bring it out in the public domain and it offends American nationals, you will find them quick to label you an infiltrator with conquest on your mind who intends to assimilate them to a different culture.
      The culture of my county is blue jeans, tennis shoes, or cowboy boots, a shirt and a stocking, billed, or cowboy hat. When foreigners look at my country they see my culture and if they want to come here and I want to allow it, they will adjust and assimilate to me and mine. Otherwise, why are they coming here, other than to change and remove my culture? Which will be considered an act of war.
      Again, in your castle you are king. You can do as you please and it is none of my business and I will in fact die for your right to do so. But you try to change my culture to a culture that is foreign to me out in the public square, well I guess that would fall under the fighting words doctrine.
      Like I said in the beginning, if someone does not like our culture and did not come here to be one of us, what are they here for?

      1. Henry, I absolutely agree with you. As for the sharia law thing, trust me, that is 100%a violation of our laws. Sharia law, I explained a long time ago, is not even a part of the religion of Islam although even most muslims believe it is. It’s a corruption of the religion. I challenge anyone to read the Quran and find any passage that says a woman must be covered from head to toe, or men must have beards, or any other dress code for that matter. It doesn’t exist. I’m just saying, if we believe in rights, how can we dictate what people wear? If anyone here ever met me or saw me, you would never guess I’m Muslim unless you asked. I believe 100% people should assimilate to the culture of a nation they choose to live in. I myself have many arguments with foreigners who dont think so. My point was just about not dictating what others wear as their choice. If the intent is to change our culture, that’s a different story. But someone just wearing what they want for whatever reason they believe in, I dont feel is my business. Also, I don’t put much stock in that assumption of Iran because I’ve heard the same for other places even Palestine, and after being there myself a long time ago, it just wasnt true. I’m American born and raised and I have no intention of living anywhere else. I found this site because of my search for like minded people who cherished and knew the importance of the bill of rights, trust me when I say, I never advocate changing American culture based on them, I just dont think people believing in different religions does that. Peace brother, you know I have the utmost respect for you and your work.

        1. I’m sure you are 110% American national and the actions of the corporation are obtuse and indifferent to me until the bullets start to fly.
          I have long hair but when I go to war I will shave my head. Right now I’m wearing black pants and a brown t-shirt, but when I go to war I will be wearing camouflage and sometimes a guile suit. Anyone who chooses to fight in my group is going to do the same. A shaved head and shaved face eliminates the lice and makes my gas mask quick and efficient. The camouflage offers me concealment and stealth. I will not argue about this with anyone. They will do it or find someone else to fight beside. Of course these are extraordinary circumstances.
          As for the transgender homosexual corporate military, I hope they let everybody wear pink dresses and high heels.
          The point is what the corporation is doing, again, is no concern to me and if among their corporate blackwater ranks they have disputes, well I hope they kill one another over them. Saves me bullets.
          But per your last comment, I don’t see you and I having any kind of problem fighting side by side that we may know true liberty and live in peace with our personal beliefs being our own. You are my friend and brother in arms.
          Have a wonderful day.

          1. “Anyone who chooses to fight in my group is going to do the same. A shaved head and shaved face eliminates the lice and makes my gas mask quick and efficient. The camouflage offers me concealment and stealth.”
            I absolutely see your point and agree 100 agree. I think I may have jumped the gun in my argument and misunderstood some things. Much love to you and all trenchers Henry.

    2. It would be interesting to trace the place of birth of all these folks and to see if they are, in fact, American Nationals. Jamal, there have been pockets of groups insisting that Sharia Law be implemented, right here in our nation, so of course there are concerns about loyalty. I think all Trenchers work hard to transcend racism and look to whomever upholds The Bill of Rights. And yes, we know these are Zionist wars, and all who serve on that side are fighting an anti-freedom agenda, but we also know the global agenda of invasion and infiltration, of killing cultures by homogenization. This is not a natural, organic process, but is the product of FORCE which breeds resentment and sometimes fear. Standing armies can be called from ANYWHERE to serve ANYWHERE – whatever keeps You-Know-Who on top. So with all this considered, we have a right to question and be cautious, and to refuse. The toxic military will bring in anything to echo in world communism. As for the hijab… I’d have no problem with it except for the fact that many women are not given a choice as to whether of not they may wear it. Again that word: FORCE!! So for many of us, that headdress is a symbol of oppression, of anti-freedom. I can see how this can be a complicated issue for some.


      1. In no way do I advocate force of any kind that anyone must wear a hijab. No one in my family or anyone I know is forced to do so, and as I said it’s not even a part of Islam. The amish wear similar head dress, and no one bats an eye. My point is only that if we believe in rights, then we can’t, in my opinion, say that what someone chooses to wear is up to us however much me may like it or not.

        1. I’m glad this is not “forced” in your family. But it’s forced in many middle-eastern families. How is one to discern if a woman is wearing this of her own volition or because she hasn’t a choice if she wants to live? It doesn’t matter what name we give it, what ism. What matters is INFRINGMENT and FORCE must not be allowed.


    3. I hear you, Jamal, but Henry’s comment regarding ASSIMILATION is spot on. Now if a Sikh wants to wear a turban or a Muslim woman a hijab, fine. But if you are in the military or whatever one wants to call it, ASSIMILATION ought to be mandatory. A Sikh wearing a turban (as with a Christian wearing a cross) is fine, but in the military? Not sure I agree with that. Military and religion-clothing are two different things. That statement I made before about kippas and the IDF–does the IDF even allow kippas? My own opinion is no.

      1. DL, I jus’ need to own this, that when I see those women in hijabs, or worse, when some have full face covered, with only the eyes allowed to see through a dark screen, I weep for them. Then I get enraged.


        1. Galen, in all honesty, how many of them have you asked if it was in fact forced on them? You may be surprised to find out how many wear it by choice. And as I said that’s not even a part of Islam, it’s a regional and cultural thing. Christian’s, even jews wore, and some still do,hijabs. The extremist element of the middle east is actually believe it or not, a fairly new thing sponsored and supported by western and Zionist influences.

          1. I have asked none, but I have studied it for years, how in many cases, many areas, many families, there is NO choice given. Also, whether any of this falls under the banner of “Islam” or not, or whether it’s just a “regional” thing is not the issue to me. In other words, NO OPPRESSION IS OKAY!! And most especially in my own backyard. The issue is the force and oppression. And if it is allowed to happen to another, it can then be FORCED on me. I am ever on-guard.


  5. One other thought… If a military was, in fact, ethical and lawful, wouldn’t it want commonality of dress and appearance in terms of easily recognizing one’s ally? Makes sense to me.


      1. Oh Mary, Mary, Mary. Grand!!

        The eyes are the window of the soul, but the mouth speaks of long-desired liberty.


  6. Jamal, conversations like this are needed and important. They clarify so much and make us all stronger in our convictions. Thanks so much for opening the door. And love you too, brother. Bill of Rights: Color Blind!!



    1. I really don’t want to beat a dead horse with this but I have to point out something I noticed about this article, unless I’m missing something, which is it points out she was an advocate for women’s rights for years in Iran and says she was prosecuted for seven crimes that threatened their security. Not for defending women but that’s how the headline is spun to make it seem. I’m sure people on this site especially know very well, how media can spin headlines to make something seem like something it’s not. If Iran or any other nation does force women to wear these things that does not apply to people here wearing it by choice or not. In no way am I saying that irans government are angels, and if we’re gonna talk about force I’m positive we can find too many examples right here put in us by our own so called government. The article that started this conversation wasnt about women or anyone being forced. It was actually the opposite, of people who want to wear these things by choice. So again, I don’t want to dwell on this. I’ve stated already and made clear, in no way do I advocate forcing anyone for anything. I hope I’ve cleared this up.

      1. Hi Jamal. Yes, you have made yourself clear. And yes, we are hard-pressed to get to the full truth out of any media. I try to stay with the testaments of everyday people, people not media-connected. Even that is difficult. All we can do it study and draw our own conclusions, and keep learning in the process. Anyhow, we know we know we love liberty and that is certainly common ground.


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