8 thoughts on “America’s Birthplace 2019: A UNESCO World Heritage Site of Global Culture and Interdependence

  1. Oh boy. Only a 10 minutes in and already my heart is breaking. Gradually that is changing to rage. I’ll try to endure more.


    1. Were I the owner of the national airwaves, I broadcast this every night at 7pm for a full week. I see it as a part one, with follow up naming names and including broad coverage of the mounting resistance that is combating this global annihilation of the country.

      Soon, I just gotta make the journey to Independence Hall. The pull is so strong. Henry always talks about “If only they finished the job,” and about the riches the king afforded them. Still hard to believe that The Bill of Rights emerged from all that. Spiritual intervention?

  2. This might get torn to shreds, but I just stumbled on something that brought tears. It’s not perfect, because we know there were many subplots, connections, and slave-owners, but still, herein can be extracted and true love for country, free country:

  3. Can’t help harpin’ on this page. This mini documentary got me stirred up. I gotta get to Philadelphia!! Field-trip for a Trencher. Ha!!

    They actually say it outright: “The Declaration of INTERdependence,” with the goal of “a unified common outlook.”

    A unified common outlook?!! Would there ever be a more DULL world?!!

    Ef ’em!!

    1. Fun fact: The restaurant less than 1/2 mile up the road from me housed the Liberty Bell as it traveled from Philly to Allentown, PA to keep it from being captured or destroyed by the Brits. Yes, it went past my house(before it was built, of course) on several occasions. It is now called the Rising Sun Inn and is located directly at the end of Rising Sun Rd/Allentown Rd intersection. They have the best bison and the owner also owns the bison farm. BTW The building is haunted as F and they are ANGRY spirits.

      1. Wow, some history in the neighborhood. I’m sure you’ve picked up some of those molecules from The Rising Sun Inn. That might be why you speak truth. 🙂

        I bet it’s Sam Adams and Patrick Henry that are doing the haunting. They’re pissed and pushin’ for a showdown. Maybe they wanna get it right this time.

        I’m glad you’re there, Martist, where the symbol of liberty passed and left a mark. For me, things like this, the bell, are like talisman, holy.

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